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    Super Villain Parallax Ruling???

    I play out 12 power to defeat Parallax and i used aquaman's trident to put him to the top, then i used Kid Flash to draw him.

    If i then play him, do i have 12 more power to spend? Or do i have 0 power since i used the 12 to defeat him?

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    0, since you already spent the power in full... you would need to double the power BEFORE you spend it.

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    Parallax does not double any of the power you have spent already.
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    Thanks. That is how we played it, but I saw the logic in both outcomes. However, the 0 power outcome was the most logical of the 2.

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    he is pretty great even if you don't have a strong hand. I pulled off a combo with Parallax and Clayface, effectively playing Parallax twice. I got up to 35 power.

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    nothing! my brother played man of steel.... parallax..... clayface for 70 power. It was the last turn of the game too, and after he man of steeled i said just gain the board. He got mad and was like SHUT UP! then he did his combo and was too proud of himself. hahaha.

    My other friend used riddler and man of steel.... that combo is dangerous! Potential to just buy the deck outright.

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    Yeah, but 70 power is totally useless in this game unless you're doing the On-Patrol variant... otherwise, once you get a supervillain and the line-up, what are you going to do with the rest of your power? Buy the kick stack?

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    Thats what i did. bought 12 kicks the line up and the super villain with power to spare. That was just with man of steel tho.

    On patrol is a dumb variant to me. Play all your cards, then start gaining things. there is like Bane x3, Harly x3, start x1, ivy x3, scarecrow x3. So like 13 cards out of the over 100 that can attack you. The only one that hurts really is scarecrow, maybe ivy. So there is NO reason not to flip the next cards. lol

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    I may have missed something in the rules (I don't have them with me) but we were under the impression you couldn't play cards once you started purchasing. Clarification?

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