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    Promo Database

    Is it possible for us to make this happen? Just a database for promos, where you get them, what they are, all that good stuff. Even a board to offer them if you have them for sale, or, if you're a hero and have them for free. I only propose this, as well as one for DC, actually, because I've found out about three promos I had no idea existed tonight and I like to keep up with such things for games I enjoy.

    Fruit F**ker Prime - Boss Stack - Received when ordering Gamers vs Evil from Cryptozoic home site

    Ultimate Pax Mega-Fan - Hero- Received when ordering Rumble in R'lyeh from Cryptozoic home site

    Younglings - Hero - Received by attending Pax Prime

    Comic Con Annarchy - Hero - Supposedly obtained by attending San Diego Comic Con

    ... The names are links, not sure why they don't glow...
    Keep it milky, you beautiful gamers you.

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    Comic Con Annarchy is in Rumble in Ry'leh.

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    Ah! Thank you very much, Mr. or Ms.Clavaat.
    Keep it milky, you beautiful gamers you.

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