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    I've got a couple of Martian Manhunters


    So I was fortunate enough to come across a few copies of the Martian Manhunter promo superhero. I only need one, and honestly, people on this forum are dieing to get one. So I'm paying it forward!

    If you'd like to get your hands on one, just post here or PM me and we'll talk! First come, first serve. I don't have a ton but I've got a few.

    Thanks everyone!

    Happy New Year

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    Dunno if you still have any, but I'd be interested. PM away.
    Keep it milky, you beautiful gamers you.

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    Thanks. I sent a PM as well.

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    I sent a PM as well. Got me to join the forums!

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    Probably too late but still worth a shot! PM sent

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    Just got the set today, hopefully I'm not late for a MM!

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    I would greatly appreciate one if you still have any left. Thanks in advance.

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