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Thread: LOTR game day?

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    LOTR game day?

    I recently participated in the DC deckbuilding event held at game preserve in greenwood IN. I was excited to finally get my Martian Manhunter. The store management authorized me to hold other events if they approved. I am wanting to hold a similar event for the soon to be released LOTR deckbuilding game. I am hoping the LOTR promo will be handed out like it was for DC. How do I make this happen? After I get the details I will pass them along to store management. Any help is appreciated.

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    That would be awesome!!! I told my FLGS about the DC Game Day and it took them about 2 weeks to confirm and coordinate with Cryptozoic. Crossing my fingers for LOTR DBG Game Day!

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    it would make it easier to coordinate if we had a release date.

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