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Thread: Best Character?

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    Red face Best Character?

    Hello. I'm new to the forums. I've had the game for a couple of weeks, and my friends and I are definitely having a blast with it. Right now, I'm wanting to conduct some research on who the generally accepted best character in the game is, for multiplayer mode. Call me a statistics nut if you must, but bear with me, I enjoy this stuff. I'll share some personal experience and thoughts, but if they are to be disproven, by all means, speak up.

    A couple of things first, though:

    1) I'm not asking who everyone's favorite character is here. Batman can be your favorite character of all time (he's up there for me, personally), but that doesn't necessarily mean that this opinionated fact (heh) means he's the best in this game.

    2) I'm also aware that this game really doesn't exist in a vacuum, therefore variance is always going to be a factor, no matter which character(s) you're playing. However, I'm also a firm believer in that a higher level of variance for a given character will generally mean that they can be significantly less good in the long run, due to an inherent level of dependancy. Then again, this factor may be why I'm bringing up this discussion anyway.

    I'll list them alphabetically here, and where I think they are in a tier breakdown, and why.

    Aquaman: Probably has the best early game of any character, due to being able to setup his draws better than anyone else, even in the longer game. The drawback here is that in the later portion of the game, you aren't getting immediate access to the really powerful stuff like high-end Villains (Lobo, Doomsday, etc.) and, by proxy, Super-Villains. Still, it doesn't take much for him to get an early lead, and can blaze ahead from the start faster than anyone.
    My placement: Mid to High Tier

    Batman: I really want to love Batman, but while there is some tremendous equipment out there (Nth Metal, Power Ring, Green Arrow's Bow), the issue is that other people want these cards, too. Remember: just because they're insane for Bats doesn't mean other people can't utilize them either. So his ability is definitely pretty good, but sadly, the well can dry up faster than one would normally like.
    My placement: Low to Mid Tier

    Cyborg: This is a weird one. He has a lot less variance than other characters, and the fact that he benefits from two specific card types only helps him in the long run, especially when he has access to one of them at all times (in this case, Kick). That being said, he just doesn't seem to have the oomph required to go in the long run, barring some specific locations. Draw power is great and all, but I've just never had a game with Cyborg where he gains more than he has to put into it.
    My placement: Low Tier

    The Flash: Speaking of draw power, this guy easily runs away with the grand prize. Unlike Cyborg, Flash is a pure card-drawing engine in himself, and while he's a little on the high-variance side, the way I see it is this: Flash is someone who's particularly good when he's just doing what he's doing anyway, but give him something like a location and suddenly he becomes nigh-untouchable. The difference with someone like Batman or Wonder Woman is that you're struggling if you don't get exactly what you want, whereas Flash can benefit from having something like a location, or just pure card drawing with cards like Super Speed, Kid Flash, or The Fastest Man Alive.
    My placement: High Tier

    Green Lantern: Here, however, is where the buck stops. In my play experience, no one character has had the ability to just absolutely take over a game like Green Lantern does. Main strengths include: +3 Power printed on the ability, which is a duh, and the fact that you're not looking for specific cards to get momentum. You're fine just as long as you're not buying doubles, which means that it's probably best to be skimpy with the Kicks. He's also probably the 2nd best abuser of locations in the game (behind Flash), because with that kind of draw power, you're that much more likely to get your ability triggers. GL's a total monster in this game, from everything I've seen.
    My placement: High (probably Top) Tier

    Martian Manhunter: I finally got my copy this week, but haven't gotten the chance to play him yet. On paper, MM seems to fall somewhere between Cyborg and Green Lantern on the scale of effectiveness. Like Cy, he's looking for 2 specific card types to gain momentum, which is better than looking for only 1 (Batman, Superman, WW). However, he's also the only character in the game that can gain +6 power in a single turn from his ability alone, and that's nothing to sneeze at. With the right locations, he's obviously nuts, but again, variance. Still, an obvious powerhouse.
    My placement: High Tier

    Superman: The only other character I haven't played yet, only due to having never had him be dealt to me. From notes I've gathered from friends who have played him, he seems to be on the same wave as Batman, with the added bonus of always having a card available to buy to trigger (again, Kick), but therein lies the HUGE difference. Now I know multiples Kicks in a turn won't trigger his ability that many times, but just the option of having them and having them be better than anyone else's Kicks (except for Cyborg) is still a valuable commodity. The only game changer for him seems to be Man of Steel, but that card's broken as hell anyway, so that's like saying plants are better when they have sunlight. Supes, overall, just kinda seems to be in a weird place where he just makes the already insane cards better, rather than making the decent ones really good, and I think the latter is where you want to be in this game.
    My placement: Low Tier

    Wonder Woman: Oddly enough, this character might be my reason for writing this up in the first place. When it comes to high variance, look no further than the Amazon. From what I've played, Villains just don't seem to show up that often, and some of the ones that do just aren't that interesting. Sure, taking out someone like Bane, Scarecrow, Grundy, or Doomsday and getting a card just for doing so is obviously awesome, but what about the lower end stuff like Poison Ivy or Penguin or Riddler. Once you nail them, sure, you get to draw another card, but then they're in your deck, and for characters like that, that's not really where I want them. Sure, Arkham Asylum is insane, but that blends into exactly what I'm talking about. Drawing more cards is all well and good (see: Flash), but if I have to buy cards I don't want just to get them, I don't see enough of an upside.
    My placement: Low Tier, though I did read the thread about how she's insane in 2v2, and I'm inclined to agree.

    These are all just one man's opinion, and I'd love to hear all of yours, which is why I started this thread. If you asked me to rank the characters in order, top to bottom, it would probably go something like this:

    Green Lantern, Flash, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, Cyborg, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman.

    I must say though, I'm surprised no one else started up anything like this yet, and I've read through the whole forum a few times. Happy chatting!

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    you have flash way too high, he is possibly the worst hero IMO, close to superman. I feel cyborg is better then you have him and WW as well these are both mid tier at worst.

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    I disagree with most of your rankings. GL is not that great. Early he does nothing and late he is decent. Manhunter is clearly better. It is way easier to get three power off him especially early. If you get 2 villains and 2 heroes you get 6 power. Batman is great. He gets +1 on each equipment including the batmobile when you ditch it to draw a new hand. There is also a ton of equipment in the deck to go around. The flash needs card draw to do anything. most of the card draw comes from defenses which everyone wants. There is also only 1 copy of each location in the deck.Cyborg is amazing. It is way easier to get card draw from him than it is for the flash. He also has two abilities. Wonder woman is also amazing. Most game she draws 6 or 7 cards a turn after the first few turns. Super man does stink though lol.

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    I agree with everything you said jbabel. You snuck that poat in while I was typing my post.
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    It depends on HOW you like to play. Also, it depends on what hits the board. Here is the positives to every hero (you decide which one you like)

    Batman: Although he competes with Cyborg for the equipment, he gets a +1 beef from EVERY one he plays. In turn, snagging a few EARLY equipment means that you have more power on your early turns to buy other types of cards that are more powerful! This can snowball your deck faster than your opponent.

    Wonder Woman: There are 33-ish villains in the main deck. This is more than any other card type. She does not compete over them except against the Manhunter. This can give her an early or late advantage with more cards to play. Also, turn 1 buying a villain and cycling your deck already can be huge depending on how much power was in your opening hand.

    The Flash: He goes 1st! Plane and simple! He ALWAYS gets the most turns in a game. Make sure the game ends on your turn and you just got a 1 turn advantage over your opponent. Not to mention going 1st means that you have first pickins at the good stuff. Sure you might not get a great card on your 1st or 2nd turn, but cycling the deck 1st and having those cards bought in turn 1 and turn 2 can be huge!

    Manhunter: He is good because there are a lot of heroes and villains in the main deck. Heroes that draw help him out a lot too! Two locations SPECIFICALLY help out the direction you want to build your deck (Arkham and Watch tower). He is good b/c getting 3 extra power is not a hard task to accomplish and you can still get 3 more power for a total of 6 extra power!!!!!

    Superman: He is good b/c he always has the kick pile to start. You can opt. to not buy a card on the board and get a kick. This is good for 2 reasons, 1.) It helps your power and 2.) It keeps the line-up the same for the next players turn. You can effectively control how their early game will turn out! There are plenty of different superpowers too so getting +1 from each different is really good too.

    Cyborg: He can also do the kick pile strategy same as superman. However, he only gets +1 period. That being said, when he plays equipment, he gets to draw a card! Having 6 cards most every turn is not that rare in a cyborg based deck. Again, other than batman, the other players are buying things toward their strategy leaving the equipment for you to take.

    Green Lantern: Yes he is slow to start. Yes he needs 3 different cards. However, cards like Super girl, john jones, and the emerald knight can help you get the that 3 very quickly. Also, the cards that draw new cards are great with him. Once GL gets going, he is amazing!

    Aquaman: One of my personal favorites! He can place 0 - 5 cost cards to the top of his deck! This effect allows for the most sneaky and strategic deck types. Drawing cards are amazing when you buy a card, put it to the top, then draw it and play it the same turn. He also allows you to set up your next turn! This allows a bad hand you know is coming to become an OK hand or a great hand.

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    The problem is that this game is insanely situational. I love it for that reason, however that makes it difficult to pinpoint who is the "best". Batman, for example, is very much based on getting those early game equips and can be next to useless if he doesn't get them. Cyborg is very strong if he gets the Batcave and Batmobile.

    The only Hero I consistently love using is Aquaman. He has so many options and combinations its amazing. Cheetah -> Card 4 or less -> Top of Deck -> Draw card to get it that turn, you paid nothing so far. Also, he doesn't cater to any one particular card type, so he can really make the deck his own, while everyone else struggles for specific cards. This also plays into his denial game. Cyborg really wants that Batcave? Oh well, I don't have much equipment, but I can build towards it, and, oh yeah, I play it next turn no matter what because it goes on top.

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    I've read over a lot of the testimonies listed here, and after a few more games, my list has definitely changed, likely for the better.

    I still feel Green Lantern is still as insane as ever. His ability doesn't do much until turn 5 or so, but the fact that he benefits from everything that isn't a Starter Card or Weakness means that you don't have the variance that other characters do, and you're still doing more over the long game than most characters will do.

    Flash is definitely worse than I anticipated. Without a Location, he tends to falter a tad. He can still do work with cards like Kid Flash and Super Speed, but outside of Locations, your deck is yearning too much for cards like Fastest Man Alive and Lex Luthor to take the wheel. Going first is great, but not offering any real inherent power just isn't going to do it in the long run.

    Still haven't gotten to play MM, but he seems to just be on a Risk vs. Reward kind of pattern. He just seems to be a lot more dependant on his draws than other characters not named Green Lantern, though he does benefit from them more. Watchtower and Arkham are insane, obviously, but that just goes back to what I said about Flash being good with Locations period. Definitely looking to place him lower.

    Aquaman is... definitely still good, but the issue I see is that he seems to struggle in longer games, to a point. The Trident is your best card for getting around this, since it allows you to put bigger cards like Doomsday, Lobo, Heat Vision, etc. on top of your deck ala your ability, but aside from that, he's almost purely an early game character. His primary advantage still seems to be that, much like Lantern, you don't have to rely on certain types of cards to do work. I'd probably leave him where he is.

    Cyborg is definitely better than I gave him credit for. Even though half of his ability feels like a poor man's Superman at times, the inherent draw power can't be ignored, and Batcave is obv. nuts. Plus, much like Supes, Kicks are always good buys. I'd place him almost as high as 2nd, though I'm thinking 3rd is more likely.

    After finally getting to play Superman... I can say that it definitely seems like I was right in his placement. Really though, it's not like Superman is just outright bad. He can definitely hit some nut draws, since some of the best cards in the game (Heat Vision, Super Strength, Man of Steel) are just plain better for him than they are anyone else. Two problems arise: 1) He's boring as hell to play (really, it was almost agonizing, even though I won that game); and 2) Super Powers have the second-lowest representation in the main deck (only beating out Locations) with only 16 cards, which I guess is what explains Kicks. It seems like he wants to do what Batman does, but even with Kicks always being at his disposal, he's just not doing it better due to the plentiful equipment available.

    Speaking of Bats, I dare say he should be a bit higher as well, probably Mid to High Mid. He's fun as hell to play, and the Utility Belt is always going to be turned on for VP in even the not-so-ideal games. He does a lot of work, and he'd be better if he wasn't quite as high variance as he already is. 25 or so Equipment is a decent number, but you'll always be wanting more.

    Finally, Wonder Woman is definitely being bumped up a notch or two. There are 35 Villains in the main deck, which makes her ability easier to turn on than some of the other type-dependent characters. Her big upside however, IMO, is the fact that in the mid game, she's always going to have someone to pummel from the Super Villain pile (with enough power, of course), and she's just better than everyone else at benefiting from doing this. I'd place her pretty close to Batman, maybe a bit higher, though she can still have a rough game or 3.

    My new list would probably look something like Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter (I know what I said, but +6 power is still just way too strong), Cyborg, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Flash, Superman.

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    I think what hurts Superman and Batman is that only Super Powers and Equipment are defensive (with the exception of Blue Beetle). The two of them might be more effective if there were defensive Hero and Villain cards to take the slack off the high demand for those defensive Super Powers and Equipment.

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    #1: Cyborg

    #2: Martian Manhunter

    #3 (Tied): Wonder Woman/Aquaman

    #5: Superman

    #6: Batman

    #7: The Flash

    #8: Green Lantern
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    Quote Originally Posted by IAmTheGreat View Post
    #1: Cyborg

    #2: Martian Manhunter

    #3 (Tied): Wonder Woman/Aquaman

    #5: Superman

    #6: Batman

    #7: The Flash

    #8: Green Lantern
    Green Lantern and Flash at the must not play very often.

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