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    Question Bane: Power Vs Attack -

    Here it is. My girlfriend and I just sat through our first game of this. Once we figured it out, it was breezy, fast and fun. Great game! But the there was some confusion on some cards. I'll use Bane as an example:

    His card states:
    "+3 Power"
    "Attack: Each Foe chooses and discards a card."

    Here is my question:
    Both the Words "+3 Power" and "Attack:" are bolded. Does this mean you do one or the other, or does this mean that you do both, or that one one is optional? The only other card I remember off the top of my head like this is Harley Quinn.

    Basically, any villain that has a direct attack has this on their card. I searched the forum for an answer to this but I did not find any reference to it, so if this has been answered, I apologize. I also poured over the book and didn't find an answer to this. I may have just missed it because of the late hour we started this though. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    PS. I spell checked my post, but not the title. Sorry about that if it's misleading.

    PPS. Fixed it, never mind.

    PPPS. I didn't fix it apparently. Go figure.
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    Both; the Power is generated and the attack happens. Same applies to other Villains.
    Ryan Skinner

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    Gotcha, ok. I wasn't sure. That does make them more handy as they both attack and generate power, over a villain that just generates power. You're the best!

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    I want your Bane! He is OP. lol. Mine only gives +2 power. (i'm just giving you a hard time, haha)

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