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    players concern with theme

    The DC Deckbuilding Game has been a great follow up to the Penny Arcade deckbuilding game (also by Cryptozoic).

    Like Penny Arcade, it is quick to set up, easy to learn and fun to play. It is a game that my non-gaming friend can enjoy. I especially like how each superhero provides you a unique strategy in game play.

    But some of my more experienced gaming friends, who have played other deckbuilding games, will ask "Why should I capture a villian if he will only end up attacking my teammates later in the game?"and "Why is Superman using Wonder Woman's lasso or why is Wonder Woman driving the batmobile?"

    To which I answer: "This is all just a training exercise. We are in a holographic gym training to be better fighters using any means necessary."

    If anyone runs into similar concerns, I suggest prefacing the game with "Now, I know we are all on the same team but for now we are entering into a training scenario where anything can happen."

    I'm looking forward to more DC fun with the Batman two-player game and also the next deckbuilding game from Cryptozoic, Lords of the Rings.

    Keep up the fun times and thanks again,

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    I disagree with some people's disappointment in certain card combinations not making sense. In fact, I think it adds to the game a little. When we started playing, Wonder Woman putting on the Cape and Cowl or The Flash driving the Batmobile gave everyone in my playgroup a little chuckle. We all got a laugh when Aquaman used Heat Vision! Now we don't even think about it anymore.

    I also would say that no game based on an established license is going to be perfect. There will always be some interactions that don't make sense. The game should mostly be rated on how well it plays.

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    For me, there just seems to be a LOT of people in my gaming group that do NOT like this game. And I can't for the life of me understand why because personally, I love it. And none of them are ever really able to give a cohesive answer on why they don't like it (other than one person said he didn't like it because it was "too simple")...

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    I wish they had made the character specific cards (Princess Dyana, Fastest Man Alive, etc) give a special boost if that character is using it. Or else, dont make them designed so that EVERY superhero has to get Fastest Man Alive or Jonn Jonzz because of how good the card is.

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    Agreed but, each hero does have a character specific card, e.g. the Man of Steel card. It benefits anyone who buys it however, if you are playing as Superman it is a great card to get since you mostly will be purchasing superpower cards. Just like each player special card can be bought by anyone but benefits their themed hero the most. If you are playing as that hero it will be worth it getting that card. Would be cool if your hero started with a specific card that benefited them so each deck started slightly different.

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