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    Expansion idea

    I was thinking they could incorporate an equipment stack like kicks. Make the m batarangs and include a modified Batman hero card that matches Supermans ability but changed to equipment bonus. I would like to see an additional stack to purchase from. I hate having to buy kicks when I play as Batman. I play 1 V 1 usually and if I am Batman and my buddy is Supes, I feel I am at a disadvantage. Just curious what you guys think.

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    Mechanically, I think that's sound, but flavor-wise, I'd have a problem with Green Lantern throwing a Batarang...
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    Stop using the word opinion to mean that I'm not allowed to explain why you're wrong.

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    The wording on batman would also have to change or he would become the absolute default best hero in the game. each one of the equipment would give him 3 power. the lowest a 3 power card costs is 5 so this really would break things alot for someone playing batman. The reason superman is not the same way is because only that first kick the bonus after that the kicks are like everyone elses in that turn.

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    I really hope Cryptozoic is listening, because for the love of Glob ...

    No offense to the OP, but adding in something as HUGE and game changing as this will open the door to many, many problems and only harm the game. And I am sure you may not see the issue now, but I can tell you from experience that even the smallest of changes can make a huge impact. Let's take a trip in my way back machine so I can explain.

    I loved the WoW TCG. I loved it! ... But the important thing you need to notice about my last statement is that letter 'D'. I don't LOVE it anymore, but at one point I did. The game played FANTASTICALLY, allowed for my imagination to run wild, it opened the door to a whole new play style with raid decks, and it gave me hope for the future of the game; I was happy, neigh, HONORED to be around right at the beginning of a brand new TCG that had legs and was moving. Fast. The only other TCG I ever invested money in was Magic and I am still a casual Magic player at best, but WoW brought out my true fighting spirits and it made me WANT to invest time and money into the game; a feeling Magic has still never given me. Then, Burning Crusade, the second block of WoW cards, was released and that's when the game started to go South. Oddly enough, Burning Crusade is also the same time that (in my opinion) the actual WoW video game began to fall apart; but I digress. This new set introduced two new hero card types; traitors and demons. I really liked the idea of both, but preferred the traitor hero idea more, because you could still use all the old cards you had that were still good. They also released traitor only cards which made the game more interesting. I got excited about future possible traitor heroes, but instead the demon heroes were kept on and later became known as monster heroes. This bummed me out; Upper Deck, the company in charge of the WoW TCG at the time, just introduced a new element to the game and then completely abandoned it. There was no reason to and it made it seem like the company was losing interest in their player base by simply throwing out ideas and hoping they'd stick; only it didn't matter if they stuck or not, because the element they just added to the game forever will remain there to collect dust and never be built upon. Then, the next set comes out and they introduce another new card type, locations. Okay ... I guess this is cool, they really are just glorified versions of a preexisting card type you already have in the game, but whatever. On top of that, they introduced location specific cards. The next addition that came along were cards that multiple classes could use; now this I was cool with and really wished that they had added in the beginning. The problem now is that I have a vast collection under my belt that needs to be replaced by new cards. And on top of all of that, my collection isn't going up in value at all; in fact, most of it is going down in value. See, unlike Magic, the WoW TCG cards from older sets never held their value. That's because newer mechanics and elements were added to the game which made the older versions obsolete. The straw that finally broke the camels back was another new hero type called master heroes. Ugh ... I just can't even take it seriously anymore. On top of all of that, we're also being treated to cards that are utterly useless, are inside jokes unto themselves and plain stupid, or having to buy packs of cards just so you can get "crafting materials" or "badges" which you could mail in to get cards you couldn't find ANYWHERE else and that were VASTLY superior to anything you could ever crack from a pack anyway.

    To put all of this into DC DBG terms, it would be like the next set coming out with a "Boss Villain" which would be a single super villain that completely replaces the need for a villain deck. Why would you even use the super villains from the old set, if all you need is one BIG super villain? Or it would be like if they came out with a "Rewards Deck" where the most popular cards from previous sets are reprinted with new artwork and can be obtained by playing new cards that specifically tell you to draw a card from the reward deck and add it to your hand. Again I ask you, why would I EVER use the old cards then if I can just get the best of the old cards for free during the game by playing new cards that are already really good?! This is the reason that games like the WoW TCG and the latest incarnations of Ascension (another deck building game) are terrible. Adding in all sorts of shiny bells and whistles ruin everything and make for schizophrenic game play in which you regret even buying the game in the first place, because the newest version of the game has all these new rules and regulations that are completely foreign to the original.

    Now, I am not saying that new is always bad. For instance, Magic added a new card type to the game that also added a new element to the game in the form of planeswalker cards. But planeswalkers are still susceptible to old game mechanics. They can still be destroyed by even some of the oldest of Magic cards; for example the planeswalker card Jace Beleren can be destroyed by the card Red Elemental Blast; a card that is over 15 years older then Jace. Likewise, planeswalkers can be destroyed by damage that normally would hit their controller. And since damaging players has always been essential to winning in Magic, you can safely assume that most (if not all) of even the oldest cards that cause damage to players can be used to destroy planeswalkers. And THAT is an example of a how new mechanics/elements in a game SHOULD be added.

    Using that example, I can explain what I mean. Say that the next set for the DC DBG introduced a new card type called "Side Kick". Side kicks have a ruling printed on them that says "If your Super Hero is X, this happens" and to further push this new theme, other cards care about if and when you played a side kick this turn (IE. a location like The Watchtower, but for "Side Kicks" only). Instead of doing ALL of that, why not just make them normal Hero cards and have cards like The Dark Knight that "care" about particular cards being played instead? You can still have "If your Super Hero is X, this happens" on these cards, but there isn't a need to introduce not only a new card type to the game, but a whole new mechanic that you need to build around. Because while you're busy pushing for this new theme to be a success, you just made a bunch of things from the previous game irrelevant because they didn't HAVE that new mechanic to play with either.

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    Sorry OP, but I agree with JimL and Zuty. Having an equipment stack would break the balance between Batman and Superman. Granted, Batman arguably needs a buff (he's the only hero I've never seen win) and I do agree that the way to fix Batman is to buff equipment, but not with an equipment stack (probably with strong equipment cards that most benefit Batman).

    I also think Zuty is right in that more mechanics for this game are bad. What makes this game great is how smoothly it flows. There really is no need to clog it up with unnecessary mechanics (I'm looking at you Ascension) or to make current cards obsolete.

    Personally, I'd like to see Cyborg get a unique hero card, and all of the other playable superheroes get 3 copies of their own "win more" card (that is, their version of Cyborg's "High Tech Hero", a card that doesn't help them combo, but rewards them for comboing--and since there are 3 "High Tech Hero"'s, it makes sense that the other superheroes should also get 3 copies).

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    Yeah, I completely forgot about Ascension until the very end. Yet another game I loved; but now it has so many gimmicks ... I just gave up. The game play is abysmally slow and uninteresting. In an effort to "fix" the balance issue in the game, they instead
    aggravated it.

    Here's a little tip to any game developers out there: Game balance is overrated.

    I think that Jamie Fristrom said it best:
    "[I]t's nearly impossible to perfectly balance a game. Unless you have a trivial game like rock-paper-scissors, if you have a game with interesting nonlinear interactions some strategies are going to be better than others.

    For another thing, if you do balance perfectly, and all strategies are therefore equally good, what exactly does the player have to learn? How can they show their skill? How can they feel that sense of accomplishment that comes from getting better at your game? Although in an unbalanced game, players will eventually find the best exploit and get bored, in that theoretically perfectly balanced game, there's nothing to find."

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