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    Am I missing all the fun?

    I bought dc deckbuilding, loved it.
    I bought lotr deckbuilding, loved it.
    I played epic wizard battle skullfire mountain.... loved it.
    I bought walking dead card game...hated it.
    I love the show and took a gamble since the price was low. I was severly dissapointed. It feels as though someone just slaped a property on a game to sell more copies. I know it is supposed to be simple, but making all the heros have the exact same ability is a waste. I know not everything someone makes can be a homerun but I just wanted to give you some feedback. I will continue to support and see you at gen con.

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    The Heroes all have the same ability, as the game is meant to be perfectly balanced, with no Heroes that might be better than others based on the game state. As is, there is a bluffing and timing element to the game. That would be lost if they were not the same.

    The game is based on a very popular game from Europe, with the addition of the Survivor rules set exclusive to The Walking Dead.

    Thanks for the feedback and for leading off the discussion on this sub-forum!
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