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    playing 1v1

    So this game is pretty fun, but does anyone have any suggestions concerning 2 player? It feels very lopsided in many games and the player that is behind is just waiting for the other player to end the game. That and cards in the path don't get frequently cycled leading to other issues. Seemingly whoever gets the early lead just snowballs. Have other players encountered this or have we just not played enough games?
    Probably posting from my phone. I apologize in advance for the typos.

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    It really depends on what comes up on your turn. If you get some good cards, especially good combo cards you can turn the tide quickly. Don't forget the later villains reward more victory points.

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    My wife and I played 1v1 all of Saturday and for us it was fairly equal. As chiboloco said, it really just depends on what flips into the path. It also depends on your strategy for collecting cards, i.e. go for lots of enemies to attack a lot, go heavy ally, lots of draws and defense, etc.

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    Having also played tons of 2-player DC Deck Building (the other Cerebrus engine game), I'm pretty confident in saying that in a 2 player game where both players are equally skilled, the player with the better luck early on tends to win the game.

    Luck is a factor in both available cards (ie in the Path) and the hand you draw from your deck, compared to a game such as Dominon, where all players have equal access to Kingdom cards and the only luck is in the hand you draw. In other words, good luck early on has a greater "economic multiplier" effect in a Cerebrus game than in Dominion.

    However, I'm not saying that Cerebrus games are unbalanced! When both players have equally good luck early on, the games are very competitive throughout.

    Also, the early luck factor is more muted in LOTRDB than in DCDB. A player who does better early on in LOTRDB has a greater likelihood of having the highest valued cards later on when group ambushes that penalize the player who produces the highest cost card start to appear. That can be a real mitigating factor. That mechanic doesn't exist in DCDB (though I'll bet it will be introduced in the DCDB expansion this fall).

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