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Thread: Will you ever "need" more than 4 copies of a card?

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    Will you ever "need" more than 4 copies of a card?

    A deck is just a saved configuration of certain cards from my collection right?

    So will I be able to use the same 4 cards in two different decks? Given of course that I could only play 1 deck at a time.

    I hope so, since this is how a physical TCG works... albeit the physical TCG would require me to go through my deck boxes, pull the 4 from one deck, and mix it in to the deck I want to play that is missing it.

    So when I go to "switch decks" it just pulls a new saved configuration from my collection?

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    There might be a card you want a lot of in a deck. It could perhaps be your strategy to play a lot of a single card ( of course it'd have to have some really awesome effect to make it worth it.)

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    there may at some point be a card that breaks the 4 of rule (ie relentless rats - mtg).

    I cannot think why they wouldn't allow multiple deck saves with the 4 copies.

    However, I sort of wonder if you can run PvE while entered in a PvP tournament (constructed or draft)

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    Time Bug has a piece of equipment that allows you to run 8 copies in your deck.

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    Also you will need extras for grinding down with the crafting system but I don't think any more than 4 exactly no.
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    To answer your question, I do believe you will be able to have 3 decks with the same 4 cards in it, without having to "switch" out the cards. So yes, those same 4 cards would be in the different decks, and you wont have to track down extra copies.
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    If you are going to PvE then yes there are some cards you can have more than 4 of due to their equipment, for example:

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