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Thread: Calm before the storm.

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    Calm before the storm.

    Since America is mostly asleep, or just waking up around this time I think we have mere hours until the stretch goal.
    So lets try to guess what it is!

    I think the first one will be small, and we already achieved it, so I think it is probably for extra booster artworks, to make them look shiny and unique, and maybe earnable playmats.

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    I don't think they're going to go as broad to start. I'd love it though. Maybe new is exclusive sleeves and/or a card.

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    I agree, thats why my guesses are pretty conservative and curve-ball ish. Would love ambitious goals though.

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    They said yesterday that they held back releasing what the stretch goals were to account for our input, yet they only plan to release a few goals at a time. That means something in the first few was shaped by our input. I'm going to go with a wager system for matches, mostly because I want it and it seems simple enough. Stretch goals are goals for the game, which is what we're funding. If extra funding goes soley to give people more rewards, it defeats the whole point of giving them extra money to make their game. Pledge bonuses may come with a goal, but I wouldn't expect any stretch goal to be purely a pledge bonus. Also since the first goal is only $30k, I wouldn't expect a lot of custom art.

    I have a theory that if they're going to give out pledge rewards, that booster pack of cards with goals? It might be more literal than we think. 11 common, 3 uncommon, and one rare card to go with each stretch goal for the game. That would be pretty crafty, that a booster pack's set of goals is actually a booster pack size of cards to be earned. Just sayin, that would be neat. If they did that, it would be PvE cards, or alt art for PvP. IF they were going to 'incentivize pledging' with pledge bonuses, I don't want them to go too crazy about spending money or killing future sales to give us freebies. It destabilizes the game we're trying to support just to meet demands for pledge bonuses. You have a tier, and they're pretty awesome. I'd love to see the game have more features and the funding support more work so that it can be a big and long-lasting game series.

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    I dont really get your post, Digital_Aether - this is more for fun, guessing with what-ifs, I doubt anyone will be right. And 30k is a lot when art is digital, and they may start small, ramping up to must have features - put all your cards in the table too soon and you could get burned.

    Maybe the first pledge goal will be a professional linked to game website for pure Hex support etc. (Think battlenet).

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    I think Digital_aether is saying that it would be interesting if the 15 stretch goals were 15 exclusive cards set to the normal pack distribution. I highly doubt that they will be just 15 individual cards. In fact i would probably be quite annoyed about that.
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    Extra beta invites would be a solid stretch goal. As a guess I give that a +1 vote. Seems, easy and worthy of a first stretch goal.

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    I understood that part, no issues there. I don't think pledgers will get much more out of it though, they have already been generous. Still excited for the reveal though!

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    I can see the first 11 goals being $30k as commons. ($630k)
    Next ones being 90k as uncommons ($900k)
    And last one being 300k ($1.2M)

    Right now we can assume we'll easily get to $900k, the gamble will be about getting those 300k more
    I'm also interested by add-ons/higher tiers buff to compensate for the wishes of low tiers stacking.


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