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Thread: First Round of Stretch Goals, Thoughts?

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    First Round of Stretch Goals, Thoughts?

    Personally I am very impressed with them.

    Buuuuut I think that is because I suggested the guild vs guild rankings. /flex

    But really, looks like some solid +PvE items, and the additional boosters at 540k is a great reward especially with the annoucnement of Primal Packs to go along with it.

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    Am I the only one excited, but also concerned about Primal Packs?

    They state specifically you can't pop a Primal in Drafts. So this would imply that a player that drafts as a way to get cards can't get a primal pack. This makes Boosters potentially more valuable to open outside of draft then to draft with them. Do you think the chance will be high enough that we'll see a decrease in the number of people drafting?

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    the way I read it was that Primal Packs would be a random 'prize' when buying packs from the store only.

    Instead of a regular booster, have a Primal pack. BTW - thanks for spending money after the kickstarter.

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    You can get Primal packs as part of your draft prizes so I doubt this really effects the number of people drafting at all.

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    I am pretty ok with it not happening in draft. Someone getting lucky and popping a primal pack would lean the cards heavily in their favor. As long as its still available as prize packs I don't see it being an issue.

    Plus I see something like this being extremely rare. 1-3 percent range.

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    I guess I misunderstood it. I thought they'd reveal as primal upon opening, not upon purchase.

    Do the packs we receive for contributing have the same chance to be primal if we reach that goal?

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    The wording implies they reveal as you buy them, different package since you can sell them too


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    The way that I understand it is that every pack that you buy or win has a chance to be "Primal." I'm sure the wrapper will be different or whatnot to distinguish the difference. You can put these packs on the AH to sell (as they said that in the description) or open them for yourself, but cannot use them in drafts. So, all that said, you know in advance what the pack is.

    The specify that you get X amount of boosters with your pledge (whatever level you pledged) so I'm nearly 100% sure that you won't get any Primals in those X packs allotted outside of the 1 you get if we reach 540k.

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    I hope the devs stay on their toes, we are creeping surprisingly fast towards unlock 3.

    These are looking good, especially the guild feature. Not sure how I feel about new 'cities' - we don't even know exactly what those will be like in the first place, and while I am sure it will be nice to have more, are they a good goal? I am curious about them.

    All the kickstarter perks are pretty nice, the best being the primal pack - we might even get a couple more of those later, if we chew through all the goals.

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    The way the primal pack description reads, as you buy a booster pack you have a small chance of getting a Primal Pack in addition to your purchased booster.

    My only concern with the stretch goals so far is that 540k seems like a long ways out, so I wish more had been revealed.

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