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Thread: How can I donate more with PayPal?

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    How can I donate more with PayPal?

    I recently donated enough for the knight tier and I'm looking to throw in a little more cash. If I use the same email address will my totals be added together? And on the donate page there is only an option to donate a set amount of money for different tiers. Can someone help me out? Sorry, kickstarter noob here.

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    Well, with Paypal you have already been charged so you might be looking at some sort of refund process here... You are buying (donating) a tier, so they will add your tiers rewards together, but if you are saying you want to add X dollars to tier Y and have it change to tier Z but only want tier Z not tier Y&Z you will have to contact customer service.

    I don't know if they even can do that, and of course realize they are under no obligation to do so. But CZE has a sterling reputation for customer service so I sure they will help as much as they possibly can. I just think their hands might be tied a bit because there is a 3rd party involved (paypal) who has already taken a cut, and paypal might have a no refund policy due to it being a "donation" and not a purchase.
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    I want to know this too.
    I don't have a credit card and im at warrior level at the moment but i really wanna pledge up to champion or so.
    Would be nice if we can clear this question if u can upgrade your pledge with paypal.
    I can't wait for beta testing though

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    Don't think you can upgrade a pledge with paypal, you'd just have to make another purchase of a tier.

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    I have a question about paypal donation, so I figure I'll ask here rather than start a new thread. Does it require a paypal account to donate via paypal with a credit card? I know sometimes I'm able to buy/donate via paypal without an account, but other times it requires an account. I was wondering if anyone knew how this one was set up, since I'm very reluctant to reopen an account with them.

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    You can do it with a credit card without a paypal account yes, I did this myself.
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    Thanks for the info. Though now that I know that for sure, I'm even more tempted to stack another tier on .

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    What if I just clicked on "Donate Squire Tier". Will it add the $20 and $65 for the Champion Tier or would I just get Squire and Knight?

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    Hi i have kickstarter for 120 $ but think about the 500 One. Is it possible to Upgrade and Pay the missing 380 $ ?

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    Just under the amount pledged for the project on the Kickstarter page there is a "Manage your pledge" button, just click on it and choose a new tier.
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