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Thread: Localization and translation?

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    Localization and translation?

    Hi everyone,

    I created this topic to know and inventory all news about localization of the game in other countries.

    Is what Cryptozoic aims to translate their game in several languages? If yes, when? With the beta release or after the game lauch?

    If this is the case, does each countrys/continents will have its server?

    Finally, will player accounts can be transferred between servers?

    Thank you all.

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    I don‘t think they will have different servers, lags are no problem in TCGs.
    About localizations, I won‘t use one, because it‘s easier to speak about something if you know the english. name and if there will be a localization I hope they keep the English names if the cards or at least but them beneath the translated one, so I it will be easier to communicate.

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