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Thread: Favourite Shard and favourite Card so far?

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    Favourite Shard and favourite Card so far?

    I wonder what everyone's favourite shard and card is based on the cards revealed so far.

    My favourite rare so far is:

    I just love "enter play" effects and this one seems so delicious. A 4 of in any blood control deck and a first pick in any draft!

    And this is my favourite non-rare:

    An absolute beast, cheap flier that simply wins you the game if not answered.

    All reavealed cards:
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    I find it weird that he's a named mob with no unique tag. Kinda bothers me.

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    I don't have a favorite card yet.

    Favorite race: Shin'hare
    Favorite Shards: Wild and Blood for the Shin'hare.
    Favorite Mechanic: Inspire, which is why I'm actually considering a human deck, cause inspire looks like a great mechanic.

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    Xarlox is from before they had the the card formatting/labeling all figured out I think. Hence the all caps name.

    My favorite card so far is probably Orson's Dream. That's going to be a blast to mess around with.

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    Thunderbird for me!!!

    Love blue, love the art, love the card

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    Favorite shard has gotta be Sapphire.
    Though I'm loving the Rage effect-- so cool!

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    Wild: Pack Raptor in PVE, a 1 cost creature with equipment lets you draw a card, and gets +1/+1 for each other Pack Raptor in play and puts 4(6 with equipment) back into your deck so that you can draw more and get more in play so you can draw more, and repeat.

    Ruby: Ragefire, deals 2 damage then the next one deals 4 damage, then 8 and doubles each time while getting shulffed back into your deck to be drawn again. and instant 4-of in any ruby burn deack I think.

    Blood: Zombie Plague Starts killing there guys on turn two before they can even draw them from their deck and with a little luck and enough turns you're be getting free creatures.

    Diamond; Asectic Aspirant, if you can wait to play this when your hand is almost full and then transform him into Elightened Seeker so that you have seven cards and her transforms in to The transcended you don't need to worry about top decking, just know what card you need to answer the situation and poof its in your hand

    Sapphire: Sabotage, I don't really have a favorite for this yet, sabotage just seems like an interesting use for the digital realm as it places cards into your opponents decks. not to mention gains you potential card addvatage if they draw the traps and makes them lose some life.
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    Favorite card = Run with the Big Dogs

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    Ascetic Aspirant in combo with the Cardboard Tube Samurai for PvE, and it needs the legendary equipment. Unlimited hand size and pick 2 cards from your library every time you would draw? Awesome!

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    I thought the Wild shard would be my favourite*, but so far--and maybe it's because we haven't seen anything too spectacular in the Wild shard yet--I'm liking the Sapphire and Diamond shards the best. The basis for a couple of Sapphire/Diamond decks are already brewing in my head, but I know I'm far from alone.

    But I suspect Wild will make a comeback, especially because I'm really digging the style (aesthetically and mechanically) and lore of the coyotle and shin'hare so far.

    Favourite card is going to be tough for me to pin down. For now I'll give it to Eurig:

    Didn't care for the whole dwarf/artifact thing before this guy. Now I want to make a Sapphire/Artifact deck (with this card in it, of course). I also really like the artwork.

    Overall though, I'm liking the humans and their Inspire abilities. I had a feeling I would really like them and after the stream, which showed off even more of those abilities, I was hooked.

    *Green is also my favourite colour so I tend to gravitate towards it no matter what**, which has kind of become my shtick in (board) gaming.

    **This was also the case in my brief time with Magic. But it turned out that I was very much a fan of the the green cards' style (in that generation). I also liked white then as well.
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