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Thread: Consolidated list of Hex Info Links

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    Consolidated list of Hex Info Links

    Many of us Hex veterans have seen, read, and heard everything there is out there about Hex. But there are others that may have missed one or two bits of information. So here is a list of Some links to videos, podcasts, or other cool info where you too can find out more about the game that is Hex. It is not meant to be all inclusive, but a good starting point for those new to the game, wanting more information. If I have missed some good audio or video from Cory or other developers, post below.

    We start with where you are now, and move out from there

    Official site - (you are here) -

    Kickstarter site - (Likely how you got here) -

    Hex Facebook page -

    Hex Twitter Page -

    Cryptozoic code of conduct -

    Links to videos with Devs:

    Cryptozoic's YouTube Channel:

    Twitch TV stream -



    Podcasts and YouTube:

    The Mozu Report interview with Ben Stoll -

    Mozu interview with Cory at NACC June 14 -

    WeekInGeekTwitch interview with Cory Jones -

    The Instance podcast with Cory Jones -

    Gamer's Dome Podcast interview with Cory Jones - - Check in at 34:42 for Hex Discussion

    The Geek All Stars interview with Cody Episode 54 -

    Angry Joe interview with Cody -

    Geekexchange audio interview with Cory -

    E3 Cory Interview -

    Knights of the Round Show Twitch interview with Cory 7/13/13

    Interview with Cory for MTGHeadquarters/HexTCG part 1 Oct 1 2013
    Interview with Cory for MTGHeadquarters/HexTCG part 2 Oct 1 2013

    Articles with Info directly from Devs:

    Gamasutra Blog:

    Other cool Hex related stuff I noted:

    List of Hex Guilds:

    Hex Wiki's - (works in Progress) :

    Hex Database:

    Hex Database:

    Hex Database:!/

    Hex Database:

    Booster Draft Simulator:

    IRC Channel - #hex For those wanting to connect from their browser or who don't want to download an IRC clienct, check out - Click Gamesurge on the right and then change the channel to #hex

    DragonCon Information panels with Developers at HexVault

    A couple of gameplay tips from the alpha forums!

    Hex with a Playstation 3 controller (working)

    HEX Alpha Wineskin Mac (Working)
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    Do feel free to add my youtube channel to the "others" section. It is purely HEX videos and people do seem to be enjoying it.

    Shameless self-plugging - disengage!

    PS: Great list so far, keep it up!
    Your daily dose of HEX awesomeness!

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    I'd missed that gamesradar preview, so good to have the link here.
    Team Squirrel Titans

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    Good job. It probably deserves to be stickied for now. Anything that lets new peeps find information more easily at this point should be encouraged

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    Actually, calling on Wiki creators and others: Isn't it time to start thinking about creating a list of acronyms and abbreviations?

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    Updated with your Link WallofOmens. Thanks for your efforts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voices View Post
    Actually, calling on Wiki creators and others: Isn't it time to start thinking about creating a list of acronyms and abbreviations?
    If the typical internet community is at work, those will pop up like mushrooms all by themselves in no time anyways ^^

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    Excellent post! You might want to add the IGN and Gamesradar streams that went up recently - you can find them here and here respectively, and they both contain quite a lot of gameplay footage.

    Edit: never mind, looks like they're under demos already!

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    Nice links, makes it easy to find everything.

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