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Thread: Dungeon Crawler Question(s)

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    Cool Dungeon Crawler Question(s)

    Okay, I've been watching this KS for weeks (checking in as often as I can actually!) now and trying to determine what level I would back at. I started at $35 and quickly talked myself into $50. From there, $65 seemed like a no-brainer. Soon, I was at $120. Heh. This game simply combines the two game genres I love the most into one. This seems amazing. Thinking about playing it on my wife's iPad on the couch in the evenings is just gravy.

    Okay, I am really trying to pull out all stops (selling my original D&D White Box Set for example) and plan on going for the Dungeon Crawler level. The year of free drafts is just too awesome to pass up! That said, the loot is what really amps me up! I love loot in MMO's. I play DDO and that is probably the primary reason. So awesome!

    Onto my question - So the 100% loot boost against dungeon bosses appeals to me greatly. What consists of a "dungeon boss"? Do we know this information yet? I simply would hate to spend the extra $130 (as awesome as the drafts are, it wouldn't be worth it for me alone) and realize there aren't many "dungeon bosses" or that they are EXTREMELY difficult to get to in the MMO part.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated! I want to back NOW!!!

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    "so with around 40 dungeons that you’ll be able to progress through."

    So at least 40 dungeon bosses?

    You can read the article at


    might help, but sadly PVE is still a bit vague on some of your questions.

    Hope the articles help a bit.

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    I ended up sending in a question that was essentially what I asked above. Specifically, a Dungeon Crawler would "get the extra loot drops off the mini-bosses and dungeon bosses". This seems good as they also said that they would be adding more "all the time". Yeah, I'm pretty stoked for sure. Assuming I can obtain a short-term loan from the Head of the Finance Committee (my wife), I'm in for the Crawler. Can't wait to play!

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    really tho is it 100% loot as in double loot or 100% increase of loot as in was 10% now 20% have seen people say it works both ways
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    Probably a multiplier on the chance of the loot drops, rather than the number of loot drops.

    Makes more sense considering how they described the loot tables and rarity of legendary gear.

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    It says +100% extra loot drop though, and includes gold and loot, etc. So I think it's 2x loot not 2x chance

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    Yes it was confirmed by at least one crypto guy that the 100% loot increase is double loot. If a boss drops 2 cards 1 piece of equipment and 5000g everyone in the party will get 2 random cards, 1 random piece of equipment and 5000g. And anyone who is a dungeon crawler will get 4 random cards, 2 random pieces of equipment and 10,000g.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Talreth View Post
    It says +100% extra loot drop though, and includes gold and loot, etc. So I think it's 2x loot not 2x chance
    I think it'd be more powerful as double loot, obviously, but I'm pretty sure it just ups your chances by 2x...?

    1-50 = Common
    51-75 = Uncommon
    75-90 = Rare
    91-100 = Legendary


    81-100 = Legendary
    51-80 = Rare
    1-50 = Uncommon

    Who knows. Double loot is probably better value, unless you're chasing after a certain piece of legendary gear.

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    I know! I just posted that I know, that's who knows.

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