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Thread: Introducing Hex TCG Pro strategy site ... and a giveaway!

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    Introducing Hex TCG Pro strategy site ... and a giveaway!

    Good morning! It is with great honor that today I get the privilege to share with you something that we have been working on for quite some time now. A month back, some old tcg pros and myself got together and decided that we wanted to do something that we all enjoyed doing while also helping the community. What we came up with is something that is no less than amazing and I'm going to tell you why and who we are.

    First off, the website that we created is called HexTCGPro and can be found at What we strive to do is serve the community with strategy articles, tournament reports, deck analysis, live streams, contests, a weekly hex video podcast and so much more. As I stated a while back, our qualifications are not to be scoffed at. We are a team of professional gamers ranging from ccgs to mmos to rts as well as game designers.

    Today, our social media doors are open to the world and we couldn't be more excited. Our first contest is also live! To enter into the contest for a chance to win a $35 kickstarter tier all you have to do is "Like" us on Facebook at! The winner will be chosen randomly next Friday at 2:00 EST which coincides with the ending of the kickstarter campaign. We have three total warrior tiers to pass out with the rest coming in later contests. We appreciate all the support and well wishes we've received so far and it's quite humbling to see how much people care about our success as well as the overall game success.

    We look forward to seeing everyone daily on our site but until then, check out the site splash page which has links to our Facebook, twitter, and email at! Coming next week is our introduction article as well as staff bios so you can read about who we have helping!

    Thanks again!

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    Good job! Looking forward to seeing the site when it's up and running.

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    Looking forward to it. Liked on FB!
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    So you have a team of pros, care to do some name dropping?


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    Good to see that while Cryptozoic isn't gonna do it, some fansites will take up the mantle

    The last thing we'll do is use crazy gimmicks to make money. We won't force players to recruit new players in order to gain access to game content, or reward them with exclusive cards if they get a dozen friends to "like" us on Facebook.

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    Great initiative. I will certainly be visiting your site, and translating them into Japanese for future HEXers in Japan.
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    Cool beans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fireblast View Post
    So you have a team of pros, care to do some name dropping?

    Sure, no problem! On staff in the early stages we have Scott Landis, Dave Spears, Shane Wiggins, Dusty Hostutler, John Tatta, game designer Chevee Dodd, and Starcraft II pro Dusty O'Brien. I'm certain that I'm leaving some people out but if you've ever played WoW TCG or VS System those names should ring a bell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Funsocks View Post
    Good to see that while Cryptozoic isn't gonna do it, some fansites will take up the mantle
    I'm sure that you jest, but to be clear we will never force anyone to like our Facebook page for profit. At the moment this is just the most convenient way for us to hold our giveaway. In the future, our Facebook page will be used for site updates and live stream reminders. Thank you for bringing this up though!

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