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Thread: Why is Hex more like MtG than the WoW TCG?

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    Why is Hex more like MtG than the WoW TCG?

    This may have been answered elsewhere, but the search function didn't seem to like those keywords.

    Some of the reasons I prefer Crytozoic's WoW TCG over MtG are the rule changes. There are three specifically that I thought were very good that are conspicuously missing in Hex.

    1) You can't be screwed by bad resource luck. You will never be resource starved because you may always play any card face down and count it as a resource. This takes out an entire element of RNG. I love it.
    I believe this has been addressed somewhere along the lines of beginning players being unwilling to play powerful cards as a basic resource. Not rock-solid reasoning, but okay...

    2) Damage on creatures persists. There is no magical free healing at the end at the end of a turn. This allowed smaller creatures to eventually kill very large creatures, and I think helped provide balance.

    3) You choose what your creatures attack. If you want to focus some things in order to kill a particular opposing creature, you may. You do not have to default to only attacking the opposing champion and hoping the blocking resolves in your favor.

    If anyone could shed some light on these "changes" from Cryptozoic's historic TCG, I'd be really interested. I'd also like to hear anyone's opinions on which method(s) you prefer.

    Edit: The prevailing theory seems to be that it is in Hex's best interest financially to be as similar to MtG as possible in terms of play in order to court a major target demographic.

    Having played MtG for many years before discovering the less-popular WoW TCG at PAX a couple of years ago, I admit that these rules are familiar to me. Like seeing an old friend after many years, the mechanics and UI will feel second-nature. Although I will mourn the loss of Cryptozoic's more revolutionary TCG gameplay rules, I now recognize that the trade off will hopefully be a much more expansive and long-lasting community than it might have been otherwise.

    Thanks for all your comments, guys!
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    Well, these are not Cryptozoic's rules. The game was first handled by Upper Deck.

    My guess is that CZE wanted to make the game as familiar as possible to the bulk of TCG fans (MtG fans are a lot more than WoW TCG) in order to get a bigger player base.
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    I'm not actually keen on any of those mechanics, but that might be because I'm an old (94-96) MTG player. Haven't played many other TCGs and nothing since about 2000.
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    The following quote comes from Lead Developer Dan Clark (interview on Gamezone):

    Cory Jones originally conceptualized this project 3+ years ago as the game he would love to play. Once he had the initial concept, Cory and our team thought of all the features we would love to have, why they appealed to us, and how to best make them work, all the time keeping in mind the core concept of “would we love to play this game or feature?” The amount of passion everyone on this team has for games, whether it be video, board, card, RPG, or miniature games, helps us bring those disparate experiences and mold them together into something that has broad appeal. We think players are really going to love it.
    In short: this is what the makers wanted to make.

    My take: MtG is the gold standard, despite it's stagnation / over-complication / horrible online experience / anything-else-what-have-you.

    HEX can be MtG 2.0--taking full advantage of a completely digital experience--while incorporating the MMORPG experience that mysteriously has never previously been combined with a legit TCG. To me, the best ideas are those that make me scream, "Why didn't I think of this?" When I learned about HEX, I asked myself that very question. (Then I asked myself how much money I could reasonably spend. Then I asked myself how much money I could unreasonably spend.)
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    Cory talks about this a bit more in depth in the most recent interview on The Geek-all-stars. He discusses why they chose including resources in the deck instead of them going in play automatically, and some of the other differences. Interview is about an hr long, and well worth the listen. Can't recall exactly where in the interview he discusses this, but more towards the middle I think.

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    In the interview he mentioned they spent 8-12 months in the core mechanics arguing over various resource (and non resource) mechanics before getting to where they are now. They also believe you get curve screwed by not having the right cards on the right turn in a WoW tcg type game as well as it forces most games to end by turn 8.

    I am paraphrasing from memory some details may be off.

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    Honestly? I think it's probably something to do with the fact that cards like Pack Raptor stack up to massive numbers once you get a couple out on the field, so you'd really be able to basically just play them as resources and have literally no resource cards in a deck. I know that Pack Raptor is just one card, so you couldn't just have a deck with nothing but that in there, but there are seriously a lot of new strategies that incorporate adding additional cards to your deck. Take a card like Prospero, Elven Enchanter, even though it's not applicable outside of PVE. He would be giving you one card per turn while he is on the field, and there are a number of other cards in Hex that can only exist in a digital game and would make a WoW TCG style mana system troublesome.

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    MTG is fantastic, but I think there is a lot of room for improvement. ( Especially compared to how things work in MTGO. ) I think it makes a lot of business sense to try and make a MTG 2.0 and having it online only opens up a lot of ways for Hex to differentiate itself and create a lot of new mechanics.

    Also MTG is expensive and it's nice to have a similar alternative that is half the price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whythelastman View Post
    Then I asked myself how much money I could reasonably spend. Then I asked myself how much money I could unreasonably spend.
    So true.

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    never played the wow tcg, granted i have a ton of packs lying around for trying to get loot cards. played mtg a ton and spent prob a ton more buying cards. really enjoyed mtg and main reason i like this game so much is for that fact.
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