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Thread: Card Value

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    Card Value

    Hey guys,
    So looking at the Kickstarter I see that there is 4 days left and I'm a little iffy on paying for the game or helping fund it.
    I've played Magic the Gathering for MANY years, and this seems to be a close replica to be honest.
    However, my biggest question is going to be about card worth. If I'm getting 15 legendaries (if I pay enough) isn't half the community. So won't these cards really be valued at about nothing? I'm also not looking to PvE that much either so I'm really in this for the PvP/Tournaments.

    Once again, are these cards even going to be worth anything?

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    Are you referring to the Primal packs? Which are gonna most likely be all Rares with a chance at one being Legendary. Sure you can rip a pack with more then one in it, but the chances will be slim
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    set 1 would not have any value value starts at set 2 or 3

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    Even with opening 400 boosters you won't get a complete set of estimated legendaries.

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    Only time will tell but my bet is some cards will retain their values for a long time. (promos, AAs, chase epics etc)

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    Set 1 is likely going to be a bit undervalued since the kickstarter exploded so hard, yes... Who knows though, 10 years down the line some of these could be great.

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    The value among Kickstarter community would be the minimum as it can get as we all getting such phenomenal bargain with this. But the actual value really depends on how many additional people will join after the official launch. Obviously, there will be at least as many people as who have pledged kickstarter will join afterwards. After all, we are just minority of the people who believes in the game in such early stage, and jump on to pledge even 3 months before actually can play the game.

    HEX will have tons of more people join afterward. At that point, it really depends how many. 10,000 ppl have tons of packs etc. If additional 10,000 join and they pay $2 full pack price and we paid less than $1. Simple math makes average value $1.50. Now what if 100,000 people joint afterward? The value will be closer to $2. So if you try to sell your card or pack at that point, it is going to be much higher value.

    So my point is you won't see much value at the beta launch except for short instance may be some players want to have quick full collection. But the true market value won't be decided until public launch, and the actual value depends on how many additional players we get. My belief is a lot.
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    In addition to the points mentioned, a lot of the backers are donating to get the life time privileges. This include the $250 tier account benefits, and also the Spectral Lotus garden. It gives you 1x Spectral lotus per day that you log in. Even assuming it worth a measly $1, you get back your King pledge within 120 days. Frankly I think the Spectral Lotus will be worth more than $1 after set 2 and 3 is out and Hex attracts more players.

    If $250 is too much for an unproven game, then $120 King is the way to go. You get the best value out of it.

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    with you being able to melt unwanted cards for crafting mats im sure at first they wont be worth much the prices will go up in time
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    with the way the kickstarter has been successful, once this game releases as f2p on pc and tablets, there should be a big growth in player population. if we ever get to 500k players, the 10k exclusive cards they give out will be plenty rare enough.

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