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Thread: Opening all those packs we get

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    Opening all those packs we get

    So I wonder how long it will take to open all our packs that king and above get. Reading all the awesome cards we pull so we can start building decks around them. It will be an interesting experience.
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    I dunno i figure 50+ drafts is going to take quite a long time.

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    That is my plan too Moondancer.
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    I'd probably go with 30+ sealed, depending on how they structure the fees for that.

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    I think the best bet would be the scheduled weekly tournaments and marathons.

    "Weekly And Monthly Tournaments
    These tournaments have scheduled start times, usually on Fridays and on weekends. Their start times alternate to accommodate player bases in Asia, Europe, and North America. They are Swiss tournaments, but unlike Daily Tournaments, do not have a 4 round cap. The number of rounds is dependent on the number of players in the tournament. The prizes also depend on the number of players and are typically given out to about 40% of the players in the tournament."

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    LOTS of drafting and then a little bit of sealed, when I feel funky!
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