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Thread: Update #27 - New stretch goals

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    Update #27 - New stretch goals

    $2.1m - Cryptozoia Codex

    Reward: SET 3 BOOSTERS

    Squire, Warrior: 1 Pack of Set 3
    Captain, Knight: 3 packs of Set 3
    Champion, King: 5 packs of Set 3
    All levels above King: 15 packs of Set 3
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    Holy crap, I didn't even get my email yet.
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    Paypal is at $126k, bringing us to $1.926m currently

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    We'll probably hit this one without issue.
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    I think these set 3 packs are an awesome idea.

    1) free stuff!
    2) if there is a slump after set 2 it will ensure a fair number of people jump back on to open those packs thus reengaging lapsed players.

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    maaaaaaan why didnt they just make it 2 mill I don't know if we can hit the 3rd stretch bonus at 2.4 - 2.5 mill

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    Because we already have a 2 Million Stretch goal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by erebus View Post
    because we already have a 2 million stretch goal?
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    Set 3 boosters! Ahhh... now I can feel complete. That was bugging me. Dumb I know, but it was bugging me that Set 3 boosters weren't in a stretch goal because we had both Set 1 and Set 2 in there. (I'm assuming Sets 1-3 is the first block, and not Set 1 is the Core set and Sets 2-4 are the first block.)

    And more lore. Awesome. Weekly lore updates will be nice.

    Edit: Oh! And please reveal the last stretch goal at the 24 hour countdown if the 2.1 million goal has yet to be reached.

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    Some people will probably complain that the next goal isn't "epic" enough. I do wonder if they're playing them a little "safe" incase they're not hit? So we don't get our hopes up over something...

    But anyway, it's a fine reward: it'll get us more web-updates to keep us looped in until the game launches, and it's more free stuff. And we already have a crap-ton of free stuff!

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