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Thread: Happy Birthday (Princess) Cory!

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    Happy Birthday (Princess) Cory!

    Just finished listening to the Geek Exchange podcast where Cory mentioned today is his birthday.

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for giving us the chance to play your dream game.

    Hopefully as a present to you we can hit that next stretch goal!
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    happy brithday cory haope y a have a great day and also hope ya reveal the next stretch goal

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    Happy day of your birth!

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    This Beer is for you good Sir.
    Happy Bday

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    CEO brithday on the day we pledge 2 million? This has to be a great birthday gift for him.

    Best wishes and I hope this is the best day you have this whole year (except launch day maybe!)
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    Happy birthday !!!! Genius man

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    Happy birthday! Can't wait to see the promo card!
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    Happt B-day Cory!
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    Happy Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary, Cory!
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