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Thread: Is 20 life enough?

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    Is 20 life enough?

    Based on spoilers, it seems PVP games are going to escalate VERY quickly. Is 20 life sufficient to get a real game out of it, or is it going to be like Tyson vs. Spinks?

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    Do you mean PvP games with PvE cards allowed?

    I feel like the player vs player formats that allow for PvE cards might need a larger life total. Maybe 30 or 40, but it would be odd.

    We don't know how powerful the champion abilities are, yet. Maybe the 20 life won't feel that small.

    For example, the warrior can defend against a certain amount of damage each turn.

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    Well, yes. Based on other games success with 20 life I don't see why not. Also consider matches are likely to be played as a best of three with what I imagine will be a 30 minute timer (per player) for the entire match. Aggro and burn would hate to see the life total come up at all, as any longer of a game favors their opponent.

    THOUGH, this is all speculation. I do not know how they will do matches, but I really doubt it would be any different. I also do not know how they plan to run the timer, but again, it would be an odd change if they did it differently. I did not play WOWTCG though, well, not competitively, or really on any level other than, "I'll give it a try."

    Really though, 20 life is a nice spot based on the scaling power of actions and troops.
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    I think Tyrfang was right. I hadnt considered it's the equipment on cards that's putting them out of control. That's not available in normal PVP. Only in the special PVE mod events would the 20 life be a possible issue.

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    There is a huge discussion on this topic at this thread:

    Although the OP brought up scaling ALL numbers, including attack/defense of troops, the question of life totals also came up. Have fun reading!

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    20 life is fine in Magic. At this point, I haven't seen too many cards that look so aggressive that 20 life would be more of a problem in Hex than in Magic.

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    If you have more than 20 life, then everyone plays control cause aggro can never kill you.
    It's fine


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    Games on twitch stream have always seemed very fast. Not single one of them have turned to epic battle.

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    Most matches won't be epic. As soon as one gains an advantage it's generally going to crush the other. The only time this doesn't happen is when they simultaneously build up steam and counter each other.
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    The decks they have shown maybe can't contain 'epicness' just to not spoil anything. Also diamond seems to boost life points...
    It is all how you balance your deck if 20 points will be enough?

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