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Thread: no more effective bluffing

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    no more effective bluffing

    I just realised the biggest con for me for a digital tcg. I won't be able to successfully bluff as easily facing people online rather than face to face. In MTG I could easily hold a land in hand and get my opponent to think I'm holding onto a counter or kill spell, and so they trick themselves into having to play around nothing. I think I was beginning to get pretty good at it too. But without being able to employ mannerisms and facial expressions to attempt to trick the opponent, I can only hold a card in hand and hope they fall for a subtle bluff.

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    So you're bothered because it's a level playing field?

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    Unless you use VoIP and go "Not bad, not bad!" when you draw your 6th diamond resource like Ben does.

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    in real life being able to bluff is a valid tool that anyone can learn, not being able to bluff isnt "leveling the playing field" its just removing a useful tool

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    Had a very relevant conversation with a professional poker player about this. He prefers to grind online gambling sites for this very reason: technical skill is more valuable than playing a bluffing side-game. He wins because he is a better player, not because he is a better liar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IndigoShade View Post
    Unless you use VoIP and go "Not bad, not bad!" when you draw your 6th diamond resource like Ben does.
    It also helps when you subtly wink at the webcam. That's not a tell at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trothael View Post
    So you're bothered because it's a level playing field?
    Calling it a "level playing field" is completely off base. Bluffing is one of the skills involved in playing any physical game that has a luck aspect to it. Bluffing is a skill, the playing field is still level regardless of whether it exists. My guess is that by making your statement that it's a skill which you haven't made much effort to hone.

    With all that said, bluffing still exists, but PHYSICALLY bluffing does not. The problem with bluffing online is it's much more difficult to determine your opponents skill level before you've actually played against them.
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    I actually find it more difficult to bluff in-person than online. In-person, you're more likely to have tells. Online, all they have are cold facts.

    Is that card a counter? Will he attack? He has three cards in his hand... should I be worried?

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    Body language is definitely a physical element you can't duplicate. That said the strongest part of that bluff during any game I've personally played is just having the card in hand. Someone can hmm and haw until they are blue in the face, and I'm still going to play off what I actually know.

    BTW, if you like playing bluffing style card games I highly recommend Android: Netrunner. Fantastic, asymmetrical, hidden info style living card game.

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    ya but i have been honing my skills of bluffing nothing into something and downplaying something to seem like nothing, causing my opponent to misplay or play more risky into my trap. in real life if ur bad at bluffing you should just try not to read ur opponent, and you can try to make ur opponent think u have tells that u really dont, for example when i draw something i really need (like a counter) ill try to look disappointed at it and immediately put it face down on the table and not interract with it, as though it were a land. but i wont do this every time so they cant really catch on. usually my bluffing really comes out in game 2 or 3

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