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Thread: Castle/keep defense

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    Castle/keep defense

    I looked and couldn't find the answer, so I apologize if I missed it.

    I know we can build decks that the AI will control to keep our keep defended. But if I happen to be online when someone challenges my keep, am I able to play as my own defender? Or is keep defense AI controlled only?

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    I believe the answer is no.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BenRGamer View Post
    I believe the answer is no.
    This. However, it would be pretty cool to be able to do a little something extra if you were logged on. That would help with strategizing when to hit someone's keep and when not to.

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    I believe that the Keep, once set up, is basically locked until its defeated - so I dont see this being available as an option

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    I think we need a purple answer on this. Because if i can defend my own keep...well I should be able to.
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    its ai only but they have to get passed 3 decks with there 1 so you have pretty good odds of winning

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    Are we able to "raid" our own keeps just so we can see the deck in action? So we can tweak it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vibraxus View Post
    I think we need a purple answer on this. Because if i can defend my own keep...well I should be able to.
    Two things:

    I agree and honestly, not being the greatest player, it might be to the attackers advantage if I were online, but I'd still rather defend my own keep if I'm online.

    Secondly, I hope we can see a replay of the match. I don't want to just log in and see "Vibraxus has defeated your keep." without knowing what decks he used or how the AI played. Please let us see how the match unfolded so we can build decks accordingly.

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    A replay of the victor would be awesome.

    I presume you could cancel your keep defense if no one is in it. I would imagine that all the cards involved in the defense along with all of the prizes are locked away from trading, etc, so being able to cancel one would be important.

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    if you use cards in your keep deck you can still use them in every other game type there not tied up as for the reward im not sure on that one and you also cant change you decks untill they lose so if your lucky it might be a while till you can tweak your decks

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