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Thread: I had a meeting during Hex's E3 slot :(

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    I had a meeting during Hex's E3 slot :(

    What did I miss?

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    Not so much, basically only 2 new cards spoiled. All the rest was nothing new :P
    Still, it was nice to see.

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    A couple of new locations images and a few cards maybe? Not sure. The usual chit-chat about mmo+tcg that we are used to, including the example of chocolate+peanuts. The Cory's Master speech. But I was excited again, luckily KS is closed already! ^__^
    I guess it will be available soon to watch on demand. I need to re-watch it myself!

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    You didn't really miss too much, Cory was mainly giving his same speech he's been doing in the interviews if you've listened to all of those. With that said, it's a good sales pitch and no reason to change it for e3 where hopefully a much larger audience is watching.
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    Ya the E3 demo was for people who had not heard of Hex before and would go to the site to see some info.
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    Thanks for the heads up,missed it as well but still might check it out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boozecluez View Post
    Thanks for the heads up,missed it as well but still might check it out
    Even though it is full of information you probably already know, it was enjoyable to watch. Helps with those withdrawals from not getting a daily update on KS.

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    Also Cory is just fun to listen to. He doesn't get flustered, and just wants to talk about this thing he's doing. He doesn't have a sales pitch, he just really really wants to tell you.

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