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Thread: Auction House style: take notes from GW2 please

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    Auction House style: take notes from GW2 please

    Hey there. Just wanted to say that the best auction house design that I've seen in a game has been from Guild Wars 2.

    The features that they include that would be perfect for a TCG such as hex since there is no stat ranges or variation other than experience and trophies, but I dont think that matters too much to most people.

    In their AH:

    - Buyers can list a buy price at a set amount. Say you think a card is going to be really good or is already good and you want to be a part of the market. Set a amount that you want to purchase, say 50, and a price, say $1. Then if anyone lists the card for $1 or less they will be sold to you. Sellers and buyers will be able to see all of the list prices and buy prices in order of most to least expensive to keep an extremely clutter-free and good looking interface with lots of functionality

    - On the reverse, sellers can do the same thing. If they feel that their card is better than what the market rate is they list their card for what is probably more than what the card is actively selling for. If there is a sudden surge of demand and the card's price does shoot up the seller will be able to get the high amount of gold, although this feature is included in most AH systems

    The combination of the 2 work very well, especially for TCGs with their limited variation in card attributes.

    Example: You want to buy a Zombie Plague so you search the auction house to see what the market is like for them. Here's what you might see (explanations are in brackets, not seen in the auction house interface)

    34x @$1 (a cheapskate)
    506x @$8 (someone looking to corner the market and get profit. They are willing to buy a TON so if there is ever a surge of supply they will get them)
    14x @$9 (someone who wants a lot but wants them faster but not as fast as the last guy)
    4x @$10 (someone who is willing to pay the highest non-buyout price and just wants their playset for a deck fairly quickly, but doesn't need them right NOW)

    1x @$11 (someone selling one they got in a draft, wanting some Plat fairly quickly so they can draft more)
    10x @$12 (an investor who doesn't want to hold this card anymore but not willing to sell for less than 12 plat)
    303x @15 (someone who bought a TON, most likely the guy who is buying mass amounts at $8 and wants to make a profit)

    So this gives an example of how streamlined and useful an auction house system is that removes all the clutter. In something like WoW if I wanted to buy some Copper Ore to make a chest armor I would search the auction house and then look through pages of different stack sizes and maybe even needing a special addon to see which copper ore is the cheapest per unit. There is very little ways to invest if you want to buy some but cheaper than the market rate or sell some if you want to sell instantly.

    Hopefully this is seen by developers as this is a much better design than the traditional auction-house. A card that won the 'pro tour' if there is something like that most likely will be sold in the forums so that issue if there is demand wont occur. Also the full art and foil versions of cards will be filterable if chosen. Just click a checkbox to show what versions you want and it'll show you the same interface with prices.

    Let me know if you think this system would work well in this game

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    Yea GW2 has probably the best auction house I've seen in games, they couldn't go far wrong at least looking at it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by primer View Post
    Yea GW2 has probably the best auction house I've seen in games, they couldn't go far wrong at least looking at it.
    Agreed. It is extremely well done.
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    This discussion came up previously but you have hit on most of the salient points and the general consensus was that you could trade cards as commodities so this type of market would be optimal especially a year or two down the track when the number of possible cards for sale has grown.
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    yes, among all the mmo that i played, GW2's AH is the most efficient. I usually queue up items that I want to buy and sell before I logged out or before I play and don't need to watch the market as often as I need to which gives me more time to actually play.

    hopefully the hex's market place will have similar features

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    I dont like the idea of someone having a BUYING x1000 cards and wiping the board. Put some sort of limit on it and I would be ok with it.

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    I`d like to see a bundle feature too. It would be nice to list a set of commons, uncommons, playsets, complete set, etc.
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    Agreed, EVE uses the same style, and it is vastly superior to a standard AH like WoWs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shivdaddy View Post
    I dont like the idea of someone having a BUYING x1000 cards and wiping the board. Put some sort of limit on it and I would be ok with it.
    Why on earth would you want to put a limit ? Over time, that will be doing more harm than good.

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    This looks to be a great idea. This keeps a player from frequently checking the AH. I really hate having to do that so much in Diablo 3.

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