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Thread: Question about Grand King Tier

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    Question about Grand King Tier

    So in the kickstarter it says that the GK gets one of everything in the king and higher level. The other tiers (I.E collector) and such get 1 free draft for a year. Now i know it says we only get 1 of all the king level stuff but does this mean that GK and higher get 4 drafts free a week for the first year because I believe those are listed in the collector and such.

    Not trying to be greedy just more so curious because when I first read about the free draft I thought that they just meant free entry and when I saw it wasn't I bought in right away and so i just wanted to know if for the 1st year GK and higher get 4 free drafts a week for the 1st year.

    Regardless still super excited for this game

    P.S i couldn't find anything on this question yet.

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    No. grand king gets the 1 free draft a week for life from PP. All 1 year drafts DO NOT STACK with any other draft stuff. If you have the for life draft, then no.

    Thus you just have 1 free draft a week for life. Nothing else.
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    No, the free drafts for a year don't stack with themselves or the pro player draft. GK's will only get 1 draft for life, none for a year.
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    Here's the image for grand king rewards which states one as well

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    Beautiful thank you for the prompt replies

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