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Thread: Latest JtH Video - Super Drafting 101

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    Latest JtH Video - Super Drafting 101

    Hey everyone,

    First off, I want to say a big thankyou to the community for helping me reach 100 subscribers. It's an honor to be producing fan content in such a wonderful community, and I look forward to doing it for a long time to come!

    With that being said, here is my latest video, and I feel it's one of my best works yet.

    In this one I tackle a subject which is seemingly quite popular - draft strategy! As it is my first video on the subject I've started with the basics - what drafting is in Hex, and some basic strategy to doing well in it. If you've never drafted before, or even if you have - swing by, take a look, and examine the strategies on offer. As a bonus, there's a pick selection scenario at the end, where I ultimately opt for a troop over a removal spell. Gasp! So even if you have no interest in watching the draft strategies, perhaps you'd like to find out why I engaged in such madness. :-P

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    great video man. I was also torn between blinding and boulder but picked blinding because I didn't know my other color I would be in.

    I was a bit confused and texting sorry when you said to add 1 to sapphire threshold but not blood.

    I assume its because you had two cards being threshold intensive in sapphire and only one in blood?

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    When working out the ratio of your resources, the tactic I've always used (in general deckbuilding which extends to limited) is to count up the number of threshold symbols on each card. However, to account for 'intensive' cards - cards that have a threshold requirement more than half their mana cost, so the Thunderbird and the Void Leach Phantasm - I add an additional threshold on.

    Essentially, it's to give that color extra 'weight' when it comes to the final ratio, as you require more of those sources to play them on turn.

    Like, as an example, say I had two Thunderbirds (2 cost, 2 saph thresh), 3 Oracle Songs (3 cost, 1 saph thresh), a Master Beast Rider (3 cost, 1 wild thresh), 2 Sensei of the Milky Eye (2 cost, 1 wild thresh) and 2 Wild Growth (1 cost, 1 wild thresh).

    When counting up symbols, there are 2x2 + 3x1 for saph, and 1 + 2x1 + 2x1 for wild. I'd then add 2 to Saph - 1 for each Thunderbird, as they have threshold greater than half their cost. I should mention that I wouldn't add any extra threshold for a 1 cost card with one threshold, as although that does fit the rule it's not intensive at all. So the threshold ratio comes out as 9 saph to 5 wild, or 64% saph to 36% wild. So if I were rocking 10 lands in this oddly sized deck, I'd go 6 sapphire sources to 4 wild sources, to make up the threshold heaviness of the Thunderbirds.

    Not using my system you'd get around 50/50 - which is fair, but you'll then see yourself run a higher risk of getting mana screwed on the intensive Thunderbirds.

    As for Blinding Light vs Boulder Brute - it was a tough pick. Blinding Light is definitely removal, but it usually requires combat to do anything, and requires that you have a big enough creature to be able to get some value out of it. Still, it can get some card advantage depending on board state, though it isn't overly likely. Typically, I'm happy to run one in a diamond deck (judging from my experience with Safe Passage, the same card from Magic), but usually don't want 2+ due to it being conditional, though I'm happy to have on in the sideboard.

    Perhaps I cheated a bit and relied on a bit of my Magic knowledge, but I also know that Safe Passage/Blinding Light will probably table (that is, not get picked up on the first pass around) in following packs. That is to say, if you actually want it it's not uncommon to get it in pack 2 or 3 (though Hex set 1 will have ~110 more cards than a Magic core set). But in any case - I'll always comfortably run more Boulder Brutes if I'm in wild, but I won't always comfortably run more Blinding Light, so that's what tipped the odds for me.

    Having said that, I wouldn't consider Blinding Light to be a wrong choice either. Could even make an argument for Atrophy, though that card requires so much effort to be more than just an expensive card draw. Also, just remembering that Blinding Light is uncommon compared to Safe Passage's common, so tabling would be less frequent in Hex. Experience with set 1 drafting could definitely lead to me picking differently down the track, that's for sure.

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    Great job on this one Jax. Sound quality is much better and really well scripted dialogue. I'll be forwarding quite a few people to this video to reaffirm many of the strategies I've been helping them with. The information is solid and exceptionally well laid out from a teaching perspective. Keep up the great work and look forward to more.

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    Enjoyed the video Jax look forward to more.

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    This video is amazingly helpful!

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    Excellent video! Now if only it weren't another two months until I could actually begin drafting. I'm starting to twitch already...

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    Great video, Jax. It really is a must read for people, even if you have some experience drafting. Yay, I learned stuff!
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    I am learning a lot from you creative Youtube Generals! Thanks for this!
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    Thanks for the video Jax. It was all I could do to not fire it up while I was at the office earlier X-)

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