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Thread: Yeah this kinda NEEDS to happen ...

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    Yeah this kinda NEEDS to happen ...

    The more I look at these cards that are already spoiled the more I really feel that they need to make the Rule:

    "No cards cost can be reduced below 1"

    They mentioned they were gonna keep their eye on things but there are just too many options already for infinite turn decks. Especially when it comes to pve. You can say they want "fun" decks for pve and that's great but all you will have to do is raid with a guy with an infinite turn deck once and wait 20 minutes for his turn to get done once to say "this sucks".

    Instead of just keeping an eye on it make it a universal rule. I think this would still keep the strats viable without making them abusable.

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    Well ur most probably right; pve looks like bonkers atm But then that's what the purpose of alpha will be; test stuff and give feedback. Nothing will be finalized till launch, so i wouldn't worry that much

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    Making stuff cost at least one will not stop infinite turn decks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grumph View Post
    Making stuff cost at least one will not stop infinite turn decks
    this is true and considering the fact that we don't have all the cards spoiled makes me think there is a counter play for " infinite turns". I think that this is something that needs to be massively play tested (alpha/beta) to see if its viable.

    i think its important to note that an infinite turn deck that only works 1% of the time is not a working deck, what i mean is if you have a play set of say

    in order to play

    the chances of this happening are next to 0, and therefore not a infinite turn, also in some cards they have specified a min cost.

    jarric can you give an example of something you've come up with to this end.
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    There have been a few explained already like the Wrenlock/Dream deck or the one I said about the Ebonrock/Raptor deck. There is LOTS of card draw in the game so with enough Cost reduction then you end up with LOTS of potential Loops. Again I know we only know a % of the cards but unless the other % of the cards do the opposite of the ones we have seen I can see some potential trouble on the horizon.

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    Until more cards are announced, I wouldn't be too concerned.

    Also, your opponent can play instant attacks anyways to keep things interesting.

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    Hex is not MtG. They have built the game so that if you build up to it correctly, you can have a combo that wins the game for you, even if you were way behind. Just look at the escalation cards. It seems clear to me that the INTENT is to have overwhelmingly powerful combos in the game in ways that MtG does not generally allow.

    As such, I see no problem with allowing a combo that allows for a repetitive smackdown and kill - as long as it is sufficiently difficult to assemble and is not an overwhelmingly dominant deck design. If you play a ten card series that creates an infinite loop - go for it.

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    Making "absolute" rules that something will never be possible is a poor way to design a game that's supposed to break many boundaries.

    You might not enjoy playing against decks like that, but those are some of my favorite decks to play. Maybe the two of us can instead agree not to play those decks against eachother? Instead of completely ruining someone else's fun. We can all get what we want : )
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarric View Post
    The more I look at these cards that are already spoiled the more I really feel that they need to make the Rule:

    "No cards cost can be reduced below 1"

    Go to 12:30. Cory states nothing will cost 0.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicalapegus View Post

    Go to 12:30. Cory states nothing will cost less than 0.
    They backpedal from that in later streams though.
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