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Thread: [JtH] Jax the Hexer - Hex-Focused Youtube Videos

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    [JtH] Jax the Hexer - Hex-Focused Youtube Videos

    Hello hello, one and all!

    Today in this time of great excitement and anticipation I come to you with a Youtube channel with which I am trying to contain some of mine! In this Hex related channel, I'll be hopefully doing a bit of everything. At this stage I'm primarily doing some deck testing with Magic Workstation; a third party program typically used to play Magic: the Gathering, but can also be set up to play virtually any game involving cards. I'll also be looking to do strategy and theory videos. And of course, once we get access to the game - actual gameplay footage!

    Feel free to come, feel free to enjoy!

    Channel -
    Latest Video - (The 300 Contest)

    Previous Videos (Blood Control vs Ruby Aggro) (Eye of Creation) (Ebonrock Combo) (Sabotage Analysis) (Soothing Breeze/Eternal Youth Analysis) (Hexonomics) (Cooking with Succulent Roostasaur) (Master Beast Rider Analysis and Decktest) (Super Drafting 101) (Wild Root Dancer Analysis) (Champions of the Underworld)
    (Making A Splash) (Living La Vida Totem)

    I'll keep this post updated with links and information. All the best!


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    The contest video is up!

    As my thanks to you, the awesome community, for helping me reach 300 subs, I've started a contest as my way of giving back. While the video contains the full details about the contest, and also has a little introduction from me so you know just who I am, you can also find the contest details in the official entry thread here -

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