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Thread: Race Themes

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    Race Themes

    Today on Casual Hex I look at some of the themes present in the cards of the various races we've seen so far! Check it out here -!

    I've also changed the header image at the top of the site - after seeing yet another new site using that same Uruunaz picture I decided it was time for something a bit more unique! Let me know what you think.

    Aaaand finally, I've added a couple more sites to the Links page. If you have a site you want me to add on there, just let me know!

    As always, comments, suggestions and criticisms are more than welcome!

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    Love the header big improvement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mercadian View Post
    Love the header big improvement.
    I agree with this entirely.

    Another great article Icepick.

    I feel this really fits for the casual players who enjoy race themed decks and gives them an idea of what each race does.

    How I see Vennen working is:

    Sacrificing troops for big effects - From the revealed cards they have a troop that has an effect when it dies, and a troop that requires others to be sacrificed. The spiderlings spawned also seem like good sacrifice material.

    Weakening your opponents troops - this you already touched base on.

    These two ideas are based on Vennen being the main race for blood magic in the lore, similar to the elves and wild magic. This is just my opinion and completely up for debate.

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    Making the Vennen a 'pain in the ass' would go right along with their lore.

    As for the Necreid- I'm personally hoping for the same prediction Icepick makes- resurrection effects. I think there is a whole mound of cool tactics to be dug into when we can really start playing with resurrection and permanent card effects.

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    Keep em coming Icepick, I enjoy reading your articles. Also like the change you made with the Header, its a keeper.

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    As already pointed out... That header is sweet! If I had to pick a current favorite it'd be the dwarves.
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    Thanks guys!

    Quote Originally Posted by funktion View Post
    As already pointed out... That header is sweet! If I had to pick a current favorite it'd be the dwarves.
    The Dwarves are pretty great, my only concern with them is that I worry they might be a little too narrow. I guess perhaps that isn't really a big deal, there are plenty of other Sapphire and Ruby cards, but so far all the Dwarf cards we've seen are completely useless if you don't have a bunch of artifacts. Obviously that's what they've been going for with what they have shown us so far, so maybe there are a bunch of other Dwarf cards that don't relate to artifacts. Not really a problem, though - as I said, there are plenty of other Ruby and Sapphire cards besides Dwarves.

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    Sorry for the double post, this just seemed like the best place for an update.
    Basically, my connection has been broken for over a week now (basically since very shortly after the last article, actually) so I've been unable to connect to the site to add new content, or do much of anything online (which is also why I've not been very active here - half the time I can't even load the site at all.)
    Anyway, long story short, regular site updates will resume when my connection gets fixed. Hopefully this won't take too long, but who knows really.

    So, in the mean time, when I'm able to start updating again is there any particular subjects people want me to write articles about? Always open to suggestions!

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    I am actually surprised by how much I missed reading some new articles from you.

    I would enjoy a speculation article for 'Tag Day' (

    There was only one other art revealed last week that we don't have a card revealed for, but, I think Tag Day would be the most enjoyable to speculate about.

    Lord Adam, The Powerful (

    Courageous Inspiration ( - The art for this one is used for Necessary Sacrifice ( but, the art in the feature was named different, it could be the art for Necessary Sacrifice was changed since it was spoiled.

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