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Thread: Some pvp deck ideas for feedback

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    Some pvp deck ideas for feedback

    W/D agro:

    4 Chlorophyllia
    4 Wild Root Dancer
    4 Master Beast Rider
    3 Eye of Creation
    4 Sensei of the Milky Eye
    4 Living Totem
    4 Protectorate Clergyman
    4 Inner Conflict
    2 Ozawa, Cosmic Elder
    4 Sapper's Charge
    13 Wild Shard
    10 Diamond Shard

    Strong creatures that provide each other buffs while using Eye + Chloro to accelerate. Originally was Mono-wild with pack raptors, wild growths, jadim, and briar legions. However, through lackey testing I think I like this variation more with better removal and Living Totem providing an excellent mana dump for non-Eye turns. I also prefer Ozawa over Jadim for a finisher, especially when combined with a huge Totem. Only downsides so far are less consistency with mana but Ozawa and the accel are the only double threshholds so it's not too bad. I do miss hilarious Eye + pack raptors. Not sure how much I like sensei, but the card draw is nice. Uses Diamond +1/+1 champ, though might go with the lifedrain one.

    Wild/Blood Bunnies:

    3 Shin'hare Eulogist
    4 Murder
    2 Pact of Pain
    3 The Mushwocky
    2 Ritualist of the Spring Litter
    3 Eye of Creation
    4 Bucktooth Commander
    4 Succulent Roostasaur
    4 Sensei of the Milky Eye
    4 Runts of the Litter
    15 Wild Shard
    10 Blood Shard
    2 Life Siphon

    Basic Shin'hare prototype. Pact, Eye, and Sensei give you some drawing power. Ritualist gets ridiculous if you haven't had to chump block with battle hoppers all game and can fuel huge Eyes, pacts, or life siphon. Siphon provides a finisher as well as an alternate life gain source to chicken so that you can keep using pact. Might have too much resource though. I might try 1 less wild and add a pact, ritualist, or eulogist. Uses Battle Hopper champ of course =P.

    Blood/Saph millstone:

    4 Chronic Madness
    3 Archmage Wrenlocke
    4 Countermagic
    4 Oracle Song
    4 Murder
    2 Extinction
    3 Warlock Inquisitor (With -atk on play gem)
    2 Xarlox the Brood Lord
    3 Ancestral Chosen
    2 The Fate Rack
    2 Secret Laboratory
    13 Sapphire Shard
    11 Blood Shard
    3 Flock of Seagulls

    Basically made to mill your opponent to death. Pretty self explanatory. Not sure if wrenlocke is a strong enough draw engine on his own though. Might try to fit in peek. Currently uses worker bot champ.

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    First deck: divergent focuses. Chlorophyllia and Eye of Creation favor heavy ramp decks, whereas the rest of your deck focuses mid-range aggro. Sensei of the Milky Eye seems to only be really suited to a Shin'hare deck on the competitive scene; even with the card draw he's only a 1/1, so unless you manage to get him out alongside a Wild Root Dancer he'll usually be irrelevant (though if you matchup against mono-ruby aggro he does well). You'd only ever want one Ozawa in the deck, and I can't even recommend that given that he's 8 mana and IMO inferior to King Gabriel and Jadiim (Jadiim comes out earlier and has evasion, King Gabriel is well above curve and prevents creature destruction once).

    With that one, I'd recommend focusing on either mid-range aggro or ramp. If you want to go Ramp, you can either go Shin'hare tribal for Ritualist of the Spring Litter (I find this works well for an EoC deck, given that you can either win off the EoC or the Shin'hare tribal synergy), or just go straight up ramp with cards like Chlorophyllia, Hex Engine and Surge Mechanism. If you want to go mid-range aggro, take a loot at my decklist in my thread.

    Also, whatever way you want to go, this decklist should have 25-26 sources to support the expensive Eye of Creation and Ozawa. If you were to cut it down to top out at something like Jadiim, you could run 25.

    Deck 2: seems mostly fine. Shin'hare Eulogist should probably be a 4-of. If you want to run Eye of Creation and Life Siphon, really you should have 4 Ritualists of the Spring Litter, and another 4-of ramp card like Chlorophyllia. This is one deck that could make use of Wretched Brood, especially with Succulent Roostasaur, so it's disappointing that it's not in there.

    Deck 3: seems mostly fine, but there isn't a lot of mill revealed yet, so you'd be pushing it to have that as your main strategy. Should have 4 Extinction, 4 The Ancestor's Chosen and 4 Flock of Seagulls - those are all strong cards in this archetype, with Chosen and Flock providing you early plays that can also be relevant late, and Extinction being a flat out game turner against creature based aggro decks. If you want to go with the mill strat though, I'd recommend 4 Fate Rack and the mill champ, just so you have more effects that will actually mill. Buccaneer would also be strong in this sort of deck, given that he comes down relatively early, messes with the opponent's tempo and gives you a blocker, which can be very important while you build to Extinction mana.

    All in all, they seem like fine bases that could be decent with a little refinement. I will note though that you included Eye of Creation in both decks that had wild. While it may just be coincidence, I'll just point out that it doesn't belong in every deck.

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    Hmm, good point on King Gabriel. You're right that I should probably only have one 'finisher' and I'll probably remove the chloros. Thinking about it more I will take out the senseis and just put more of what I'd have wanted to draw instead lol. I disagree on Eye being bad for mid-range though. It allows you to Eye even for a smaller amount like 3-4+cost and still get good things. I've just found, personally, that agro decks without any card draw have been fairly meh since I don't think the creature pool is generally as ridiculous as magic atm.

    I really did want to fit in wretched brood for the shin'hares. Thought it might be too much self-damage with pact of pain but I might test dropping pact for it. Maybe also drop senseis for another eulogist, 2 ritualists, and a third wretched pool. Still keeps troop count and shin hare count the same but I get more consistency and better creatures. Maybe drop to only 1 siphon as a finisher. What are your thoughts on Uzume?

    Mill deck was mainly as a base because, ya, not much mill atm lol. I originally used worker bot champ for chump blockers early but I think with chosen and flock I can probably switch to miller. Will likely switch labs out to fill chosen+flock out but not sure what to change for more extinctions. Maybe turn Xarlox into 2 more extinctions? I do really like his dual purpose nature and 4 defense is quite nice.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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