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Thread: Daily Log-In Rewards

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    Daily Log-In Rewards

    Hex Community-

    tl;dr: Daily log in bonuses detract from and eventually discourage frequent gameplay.

    I've been desperately trying to fill my gaming void until Hex comes out. I've gotten my share of freemium games lately. I have found one feature in nearly all of them to be utterly counterproductive. The 'log-in' for an escalating reward.

    It is nice that the games want to instill a sense of permanent community. I have found, though, that this obligatory log in keeps me logging in for a week or so just to capture the reward. It does make me log in but almost never logging in because I want to play. It makes me not want to play until I get the next or final reward. If I miss one day's log in reward after weeks of grabbing them, I quit because I've felt that I've lost the chain to better rewards. If I log in on a day I don't have time to play, it feels like a chore or punishment. It so detracts from the freemium model because it taunts money savvy players with the allure of getting over on the game. Don't throw rocks, but Eve Online gave me the same feeling. Better to do something productive offline while I log in briefly to collect awards/ skills.

    I don't have any data to back up my gut feelings. Possibly it comes from some of my managerial experience (MA in Management, Emergency Manager for fifteen years). The reward inspires people to not play. I would suspect that lesser games want you to not play to for free after a time and this mechanism helps guide people there.

    So, I never present a problem without a solution. Ensure that events that draw players in (daily/weekly) create impact. They work on a story line. Accomplishment is achieved. This has to come from something other than 'log-in'. It creates true satisfaction.

    I appreciate your time reading this.
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    Hmmmm, I'll fence sit on this one. I've had three negative experiences with the daily stuff, and those are WoW, GW2 and Infinity Wars.

    With WoW, on my main character I had a huge amount of dailies to do each day, until I'd achieved all my goals for that char (mostly just hitting exalted with the factions, though a few others). Beyond that, I felt like I had to log onto my appropriate characters each day for their farming goods (easy money, so it'd be a waste not to) plus my monk (the monk daily rewarded a lot of xp for very little work). But even the days I didn't really feel like playing, I felt like I'd regret not doing it. The one upside to WoW was that the rewards didn't snowball; missing it one day didn't impact the next.

    With GW2, between 5 characters, 2 easy jumping puzzles I had a ritual with, the daily achievement plus all the world bosses they were strong enough for, there was potentially a lot to do each day. Again, fortunately like WoW there wasn't a punishment for missing a day, but it was draining to think that in order to have an efficient gaming experience you had to do this stuff each day.

    Infinity Wars was probably the worst. Each day you could earn a limited amount of points, plus each day you could get a daily win bonus that snowballed, from 100 on the first day up to 500 from the fifth day onwards, plus you could sign up for as many accounts as you want. That lead to the most efficient way to get cards for free being to have quite a few accounts, earning the max points each day. It was a major PITA to spend so long in the game without really playing, and now that I haven't been playing for about 3 weeks I don't miss it at all.

    However, a first win of the day bonus of some sort, like gold, a chest, a random card or whatnot? I think that could be good. It wouldn't be as intensive as the WoW or GW2 stuff, and unlike IW you won't be able to have a pseudo-infinite number of accounts due to needing each linked to a separate credit card.

    The main thing they'd have to be careful about is not making a player feel like they've missed out on something significant by not logging in for X days. As such, the reward I feel would have to be pretty small, such that a small amount of playing when that person does log on would earn them equivalent value from the game.

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    I agree with Jax on this, I hope CZE doesn't include Daily/Weekly quests (for lack of a better word) that aren't really mandatory, but if you don't do them, you miss out on important usefull stuff.

    Only way I can see this working, is if the required actions are things you would do anyway (like play a game).
    But then you still "hurt" ppl that don't play every day.

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    Cheap tricks to get you to log in make the game feel cheap, and I don't want to keep logging in.
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    They already have this in the game with the Spectral Gardens.

    I don't know if they plan on having more login bonuses, but I know I'm already committed to logging in as close to everyday as I can due to the Gardens.

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    Daily log-in reward is like to go to work. And I already have a job.

    If the game is good, no need for such shenanigans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corpselocker View Post
    tl;dr: Daily log in bonuses detract from and eventually discourage frequent gameplay.
    Thanks for the synopsis.

    It is nice that the games want to instill a sense of permanent community. I have found, though, that this obligatory log in keeps me logging in for a week or so just to capture the reward.
    End of your post. There's nothing left to say. It worked. It only needs to work well enough for more people to continue to participate than not. You are one that won't do this but many more will.

    With regards to your solution:

    Aren't the tournaments going to do that?

    So let's extrapolate this out to PvE: do we want daily/weekly rewards in PvE content? Isn't running the content enough of a reward? I personally do not like the idea of daily/weekly anything because it doesn't provide me with any incentive to log in. On the contrary I would just play as I wanted to play and forego the rewards because this game isn't 100% of my life nor will it ever be.

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    Actually, Skirovik makes a great point - Spectral Lotus Garden is already enabling daily reward for every King+ KS backer. I hadn't even thought of it, but I guess I'll be logging in to both my accounts every day to get my Lotuses. :-3

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    I agree it would be good to skip the dailys. I probably wont even bother to log in for my lotus. I'll login when I feel like playing the game.

    Please skip the dailys. I could however get behind something like monthlys or ever yearlys... Or maybe not... the would be an incentive to create a bazilon accounts... but it would be cool to have a dungeon that you can only do once a year otherwise...

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    Obviously this stems from SolForge recently doing this as well....
    The problem is that weak-minded gamers are victims to psychological marketing.

    To put it simply:
    My dog wants a walk every day, and loves a treat afterwards.
    Without the treat he still wants a walk every day.
    No matter what, if the treat is offered, he will eat it.

    If you look at the treat for what it is, you appreciate it. If you are enjoying the walk, the treat may be in the back of your mind, but it is not why you are on the walk.

    In otherwords, take the walk and the treat, or pray for another owner that wants to overfeed your az and give you a shorter walk.

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