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Thread: File hosting will need to be beefed up eventually.

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    File hosting will need to be beefed up eventually.

    We're downloading somewhere around 5KB/s due to the fact that the launcher does not require authentication before you can start downloading files so everyone and their mother is downloading.

    Are there any plans in work to require authentication previous to file download?

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    I, for one, can guarantee not everyone is downloading. I'm not.
    Of course, I guarantee if I got the link I'd be using it.

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    Gameforge... no good. I hope the game servers themselves aren't hosted there, especially considering their origin servers are in Germany.

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    Yeah, I don't understand why people who don't have game access are downloading the client anyway.

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    to have it ready. I am really surprised they did not see this coming and either attach the download to your email or make it so you have to login first.

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    This is kind of ridiculous that no one at Cryptic thought about this. Why aren't we authenticating before downloading? I have been downloading for 2 hours and I am not even at 50% done.

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    Guys, keep in mind I'm asking a legitimate question. I don't want this to just turn into a complaint thread - I want it productive or to get a response.

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    They just need to use a torrent like system. Problem solved.
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    The immediate issue will subside in a day, so it's a short term problem. The real issue is if they maintain this for launch (which I imagine they will not and they have some free/low cost arrangement with Gameforge during alpha/beta to host it).

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    They could always switch to a P2P method for downloading the game client and then move to a direct download one down the road.

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