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Thread: Alpha Patch Notes: 812-B

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    Alpha Patch Notes: 812-B

    - Fixed AI logic to remove some instances of games versus AI hanging. If you do get a hang the first thing to try is to hit the space bar a few times.
    - Fixed some more issues of the Pass Priority bar not appearing. There are still more so keep those reports coming!
    - When you log in, your collection will be compared to a master list of available cards. If you are missing any cards they should now be replaced.
    - Many fuzzy images are now much sharper.
    - Hex Moon on the matchmaking screen is no longer blinding.
    - Some instances of game stalling have been addressed. There are still more out there.
    - You can no longer select illegal decks.
    - The challenge prompt will time out in 90 seconds.

    User Interface
    - You can now change your password from the Options menu.
    - Slight increase to rendering speed in the Card Manager.
    - Advanced search filters now work in the Card Manager.
    - Keywords and their descriptions will show up on a zoomed card.

    - First time users will no longer show up as a number in chat.
    - A message is limited to 140 characters.
    - Text typed into the Add Player field is no longer shared in the Ignore Player field.
    - Whispers should no longer lose their color when you move from one screen to another.
    - Whispers now tell you who to whom it was sent.
    - Chat box is now moveable by clicking and dragging anywhere in the box.

    - Gem Socketing is in.
    - Every account has been given all working gems for testing purposes.
    - Prime Blood Orb of Brutality (Major); [BLOOD]: When this troop enters play, it deals damage equal to its [ATK] to target champion.
    - Diamond of Lifedrain (Minor); [DIAMOND][DIAMOND]: Lifedrain
    - Prime Diamond of Endurance (Major); [DIAMOND]: When this troop enters play, your champion gains health equal to its [DEF].
    - Ruby of Ferocity (Minor); [RUBY]: Speed
    - Prime Ruby of Intensity (Major); [RUBY][RUBY]: When this troop deals damage to an opposing champion, gain 2 temporary resource points.
    - Sapphire of Sky (Minor); [SAPPHIRE][SAPPHIRE]: Flight
    - Prime Sapphire of Mind (Major); [SAPPHIRE][SAPPHIRE]: When this troop deals damage to a champion, draw a card.
    - Wild Orb of Conservation (Minor); [WILD][WILD]: Spellshield
    - Prime Wild Orb of Strength (Major); [WILD]: When this troop enters play, target troop you control has +[ATK]/+[DEF] each equal to this troops [ATK] and [DEF] this turn.
    - Prime Wild Orb of Dominance (Major); [WILD][WILD]: When this troop deals damage to a champion, create a Rhinoceros and put it into play.

    - Royal Falconer has been added.
    - Shamed Gladiator: His effect will no longer go off when the next card is played.
    - Protectorate Defender: This card will now enter the warzone normally.
    - Wild Root Dancer: Continue button is now visible when the ability is activated.
    - Wild Root Dancer: The trigger action will no longer hand when the card is in play and a resource is used.
    - Nelebrin Scout: The scout was getting stuck on the chain after attacking. It won't now.
    - Sensei of the Wounded Petal: Will now gain health when as the card describes.

    - Nin the Shadow: Charge power will now show up in the tool tip.
    - Champion portraits now appear in the Card Manager.

    New Known Issues
    -- Friends section of chat box is not yet functional.
    -- Hitting ESC to concede does not work while you have priority (Space Bar + Esc will get you there)

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    Wow nice patch!!
    yeah for gems, and hopefully the card collection check works.

    Grand King that loves collecting things twice because he thinks he's a pro player.

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    does lifedrain work in alpha?

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    Awesome patch, thank you so much

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    Hah, ruby resource destruction gem got scrapped. Atleast for this build.

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    Looks great, cant wait to get into HEX again

    So glad i can change password now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaqattaq View Post
    - Hex Moon on the matchmaking screen is no longer blinding.
    Aww man, I was using that thing to test out my contrast Ratios

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    Seems like worth the downtime!

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    I'm happy to see gems.

    No blood minor gem?

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