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Thread: Should CZE put on a tournament for alpha just before the beta?

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    Should CZE put on a tournament for alpha just before the beta?

    I don't know what people think of this but with the alpha having been such a big area of interest in hex I think it would be a cool send off to have an Alpha tournament just before the Beta and the winner gets some alpha special send off.

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    I'd rather they spent the time on development so the game can be released quicker

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    If they could outsource the resources (like asking a fansite to 'host' it and keep track of all the records) then I think this could be an awesome idea. But holding a tournament for nearly 20k people is a logistical nightmare when you have a ton of dev work to be getting on with (like rolling out closed beta, for example.)

    However, if they provided prizes for a large scale tournament run by fansites, thats a different story entirely. If I could figure out how to organise that many people, I would have a crack at it, but about the only way you could do it on a time and sheer numbers basis would be single elimination until you can whittle down the numbers to a reasonable level. That alone would take several rounds, assuming everyone that is part of the alpha took part.
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    I'm also going with no. I don't think we need official tournaments right now, or even at the end of Alpha. Maybe at the end of beta.

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    I would think the best option would be to have everyone in the alpha entered into a an alpha-ers tourney once beta/ more stable finalized systems are in place.

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    well it would be nice, and it may actually happen to try the tournament feature, but it may also not happen

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    They could give alpha participants a special tournament ticket for a special tournament held in the beta...

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    No, absolutely not. Is this question being asked because of Blizzcon having a Hearthstone tournament?

    Soldack they technically are giving us special tournaments in beta and release with the VIP access, they did say VIP tournaments correct?

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