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Thread: Fulmination! Ruby/Sapphire Mill from Team Spicy Brews!

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    Fulmination! Ruby/Sapphire Mill from Team Spicy Brews!

    For a while now, Team Spicy Brews! has been providing video content through our youtube channels for the Hex community. We hope everyone has been enjoying the content, but with the holiday weekend coming up I thought it would be nice to kick off my written article series featuring a different deck each week (possibly biweekly) from my youtube video collection.

    So, let's start off with the deck!

    Incase it's too small for you to see and you aren't familiar with the card images:

    4 Chronic Madness
    4 Eldritch Dreamer (socketed with Prime Sapphire of Mind)
    4 Oracle Song
    4 Mastery of Time
    2 Burn
    4 Heatwave
    4 Crimson Clarity
    4 Ragefire
    4 Cerebral Fulmination
    2 Storm Colossus
    13 Sapphire Source
    11 Ruby Source

    This deck is very streamlined, and has some backup plans built in. Let's start off by looking at some of the interactions we have at our disposal by analyzing specific cards one at a time:

    Chronic Madness

    This card is the backbone to our mill plan. If you've seen someone play a mill deck, or tried one out yourself, I'm sure you ventured down the path of Chronic Madness. It is great at what it does, and does it efficiently. With the update to escalation, we currently get the rate of 4,8,12,16,20 etc., cards milled. This means that in general, we will completely mill out a 60 card deck by the 5th time a Chronic Madness resolves.

    Of course, there are going to be times where our opponent has played Pack Raptors or Ancestor's Chosen, so their deck will be bigger than 60... but for the purpose of this article we will assume that if we can force our opponent to go through 60-75 cards, we will win. There will always be oddball decks running 170+ (arbitrarily large deck size) cards, but I will leave it up to you to decide if the possibility of fighting against 170+ card decks is a deal breaker.

    The astute out there will realize that we do not run Sabotage, so Chronic Madness has literally 0 value until we officially win the game. Milling 4 or 24 cards will not matter until we win. Of course, there is some value in getting to see our opponents deck composition through their graveyard, but in general Chronic Madness gains us no upfront advantage until the game actually ends from our opponent having no deck left.

    Eldritch Dreamer/Cerebral Fulmination/Master of Time

    These cards all combine to form our engine. Once it is up and running, the game is as good as over. Play some early Fulminations, lay out an Eldritch Dreamer... stall until you can't wait any longer, and start to take as many extra turns as you can.

    Cerebral Fulmination is by definition disparate in its card advantage parity. We play it on our turn, and our opponent gets the first extra card. If they blow it up immediately after that, we gain no advantage and we are out our Fulmination to boot. We must make up for all of this by breaking its symmetrical effect of card drawing. We of course do this by running out as many Fulminations as we can, then by casting Mastery of Time on back to back turns. It is not uncommon to have out 2 Cerebral Fulminations with 2-3 Master of Time in hand. This means we get to draw all those extra cards on our extra turns while our opponent gets to sit there and watch.

    Take all this advantage, and combine it with an active Eldritch Dreamer, and we draw yet another extra card over our opponent every time we cast a Mastery of Time. Take a second to think about how many extra cards you will draw with 2 Mastery of Time in your hand with 2 Cerebral Fulminations and an Eldritch Dreamer on board... it's a lot, and they will help draw you into the other Mastery of Times just waiting to be cast.

    I wanted to run the Prime Ruby of Intensity in the Eldritch Dreamers... but that particular gem seems to be bugged. It is the ideal gem to run, and if it gets fixed I will definitely be changing it.

    The gem SHOULD have each player discard their hand and draw 3 cards. This is great since we get to draw faster into our gas, and it essentially gets 3 cards out of our opponents deck. Instead, the gem currently has each player draw 3 cards THEN discard their hand. I don't really hate this, but since it is obviously not working as intended, I don't plan on taking advantage. We will stick with the Prime Sapphire gem for now.

    Oracle Song/Crimson Clarity

    These are the support cards that help us dig, and then cast, all our extra cards. Oracle Song gets us through the mid game, helps us draw into more gas in the later game, and can in a pinch be cast to draw our opponent some extra cards in the event they have 2 cards left in their deck.

    Crimson Clarity also gets us through the early/mid game to accelerate into Cerebral Fulminations, Dreamers, Mastery of Times, Oracle Songs etc. If turn 4 rolls around and you really needed that second Ruby Threshold to cast Cerebral Fulmination and all of a sudden Crimson Clarity shows up, you are just fine.When the game gets out of control and you are drawing tons of extra cards from our engine described above, Crimson Clarity will help you burn through your hand so you can maximize your source usage each turn without having to discard.

    Burn/Ragefire/Heatwave/Storm Colossus

    The first 3 on the list are our time buyers. We need to hit turn 5 most likely to win. That's when we start to cast our Mastery of Times, and we get to really take advantage of what our deck can do. Our 10 card removal package allows us to deal with early threats effectively with Heatwave and Burn, and then mid/late game threats with escalated Ragefire.

    The Storm Colossus is one of our insurance packages. For those games where our mill plan is out of the question, or our opponent Omen of Oblivioned all of our Chronic Madness', we will need a backup. Ragefire, unblockable Eldritch Dreamers, and Storm Colossus give us a very powerful late game alternative. Combine these with Time Mastery, and our opponents can go from 20 to 0 very quickly. A Storm Colossus + 2 Time Mastery + 1 Burn/Ragefire is 20 damage. This is not out of the question, and just one combination of cards that can lead to huge bursts of damage.

    You should also notice that we are completely immune to Heatwave, which is not an accident. There are 0 Ancestor's Chosen in our build so we are never afraid to Heatwave the board away if necessary.

    Odds and Ends:

    I originally played with Nin, the mill champion. Now, I'm preferring Wyatt, the card drawing champion.

    This should not really be a surprise. Our game plan includes alternatives in the event we can't mill out our opponent. I don't want to be stuck with a champion that provides no benefit once our game plan is forced to switch gears.

    If we do a quick comparison, after we amass 10 charges:

    Nin mills 10 cards (currently bugged and only mills 2 per activation)
    Wyatt draws 2 cards

    This basically equates to Wyatt drawing us 2 cards that each say "Mill opponent 5 cards". Is that what we really want? Mayhaps. I think in general I would rather draw a random card from our deck than be locked into drawing a card that always mills 5 (assuming we get to activate Wyatt twice in a game). With Mastery of Time, we really don't need to get 10 turns into the game to get a double activation from Wyatt either. We can do a legit 7 turns, and Mastery of Time thrice. This also assumes we don't miss a source drop, but we are hopefully hitting them all.

    If you watch my videos that are already posted with this deck, you will notice we are using Nin, and although we successfully mill out a lot of opponents, I'm not sure it was the Nin so much as Chronic Madness and Cerebral Fulminations. I would rather hit 1 Chronic Madness with Wyatt then mill 10 cards with Nin since it will boost up our further Chronic Madness' to game over levels at a much higher speed.
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    For Your Consideration:

    This deck runs 0 Sabotage.

    You might want to go back and read that again for those naysayers out there.

    Sabotage is a great card when it works right, but 4 Sabotage = 16 Booby Traps = 80 Damage. Do I approve? Kinda.

    There are no shortage of people running cards that gain them life, make them temporarily Immortal(ity), and mess with our mill plan. Until they die from Booby Traps, Sabotage does nothing. When I cast it, it has no impact on the board, and doesn't contribute to me not dying before they draw enough cards to make us dead. If I can't mill them for whatever reason, I might be stuck casting Sabotages that will be more or less irrelevant unless they randomly draw them over the course of a long game. I would rather go with a pure mill plan with a back up incase of emergency, than run 4x of a card that happens to kill them while I'm already winning the game. If we put in 4x Sabotage, we are either cutting a card that buys us time and helps us from losing to an early swarm, or we are cutting a card that is part of our late game engine to actually win. With 4x Chronic Madness already doing nothing unless we actually manage to mill them out, I prefer to cut down on the nonessential, win-more cards, and Sabotage feels like a win-more card almost every time. If you plan on picking up the deck, try it out however you like, but I think after a few games without Sabotage you won't miss it.

    You might also be sitting there wondering why I spend so much time fussing over an alternate game plan in the event we can't mill our opponent out. This really wasn't a consideration until this most recent patch. While we have no sideboards, people are going to play main deck Omen Of Oblivion, and we will have no chance to interact with it in just one game matches. Therefore, we have to be proactive and work within our constraints. Rather than play Countermagic which might hit their Omens, I would rather force them to deal with a totally different variety of threat in Storm Colossus, something that is already very hard to deal with due to its evasion with flight, and its built in protection with spellshield. Countermagic sounds great, but in our deck, we really shouldn't have time to hang back and counter random threats while our opponent has a ton of cards in hand to cast. We will never win the one-for-one race, we can only hope to delay the game using one-for-ones. I would rather delay the game using Burn and Ragefire which also contribute to our alternate game plan on damaging them out with Colossus.

    In Conclusion:

    This deck was a blast to play, and although this current list is slightly different than what is in the videos currently posted, it is very similar and should provide a great viewing experience for people who have some extra time this holiday break. In the future, I will hopefully be able to provide a sideboarding guide and daily events to show continuity between games... but for now, we work with what we got.

    This kind of article is not what you see in most Hex posts, but it is what most professional level content resembles for other Hex-like games (MTG in particular). I am a huge fan of MTG, and have been playing for 18 years. I know the content I love to read and absorb in my free time, so I am going to try my best to emulate that sort of content for our Hex community members. Please give support to the other people who write great content, and stream on Twitch. These people have no incentive to spend their time creating content for you unless you let them know how much you appreciate it.

    Team Spicy Brews! would also like to mention all the great work Soldack has been doing within our Hex community, specifically his work on the Tournament of Streamers. Beeph nor myself really do any streaming, as we prefer to provide recorded game content for specific brews, so you won't be seeing us during these tournaments. This doesn't mean you can't see us hard at work though! Be sure to check out ChannelBeepharoni and ChannelRitter on youtube (check our signatures as well) for all our content. We are constantly adding new videos to see.

    I will leave you with a quick link section to all the videos from my playlist for this deck. Be sure to check out the other videos there, and keep an eye out for some new videos with the updated list from this article!

    Fulmination Deck Tech
    Fulmination - Game 1
    Fulmination - Game 2
    Fulmination - Game 3
    Fulmination - Game 4
    Fulmination - Game 5
    Fulmination - Game 6
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    This is the sort of more in-depth Hex content I have been craving, great stuff. Seems like a really cool deck idea. Do you plan on running Reginald Lancaster when he becomes available?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simo46 View Post
    This is the sort of more in-depth Hex content I have been craving, great stuff. Seems like a really cool deck idea. Do you plan on running Reginald Lancaster when he becomes available?
    I would love to have an answer for you, but it is extremely hard to look into the future of the Hex alpha, and future deck design at this point. Seeing how so few changes can completely change the landscape of deck design from week to week, it is nearly impossible to determine how even one card coming in can change everyone's decks.

    There are a ton of cards I would love to be able to test with, and I could really go crazy with like just 10 random cards being added to the current pool. This deck would be unplayable without Mastery of Time, so this kind of build was just a random musing before this latest patch added it to the card pool.

    To try and answer your question specifically though without dancing around the build constraints currently involved in an alpha, I don't even know what Reginald Lancaster does. I'm attempting to look the card up on various card databases but I'm coming up blank! Let me know and I can tell you my thoughts about it though =p

    Thanks for checking out the article!
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    I only use gems on AI battles. Since they are verboten in regular pvp games, I don't use them against players. So in that vein I switched out the eldritch dreamers for two surge mechanisms and two Stormcalls in order to keep my enemy exhausted until I get enough heatwaves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gorstagg View Post
    I only use gems on AI battles. Since they are verboten in regular pvp games, I don't use them against players. So in that vein I switched out the eldritch dreamers for two surge mechanisms and two Stormcalls in order to keep my enemy exhausted until I get enough heatwaves.
    Who said they were verboten? The Tournament of Streamers allows 4x of any one gem, and I'm not sure I've seen any other talk about certain gems being banned from PVP games.

    I do like Stormcall. I temporarily had one copy in the deck to try it out, but overall I didn't love it in this particular build of the deck. Surge Mech is nice, as is Hex Engine. Not sure if one might be better than others. I do still find that my Dreamer never gets to connect since people just have no choice but to save their removal for him (there's no other targets for removal in our deck).
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    Sensei of the Wounded Petal
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    i dont really like it.. u are very vulnerable to both countermagic, curse of oblivion and spellshield... u also have little to none board wipes except for heath wave.. wich isnt a great one... i would change those 4 extra turn cards for 4 countermagics anyday to make up, at least a little, for those weaknesses

    those are my biggest concerns bout this deck, still, it seems nice to play with that change and it is really similar to my immortal spear deck

    i actually love sabotage, it doesnt affect the board istantlyu but it gives u a second or a 3rd winning condition and with the cerebral in play, with a decent control deck, u should be able to have more often than not answers for ur opponent threats... unless u are really unlucky and u draw 3 of them in a row before the cerebral...

    i can see a deck living without it anyway, cause its a situational card, but the counterspell... i really think that this deck need it hard
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    Curse of Oblivion being a problem is part of the backup plan package that was mentioned several times in the article. Spellshield troops consist of a 1/2 wild troop, a 6/6 flyer in sapphire, and a 3/4 in diamond. My removal isn't meant for late game threats like the latter 2, but for early troops that are an issue. Heatwave will kill the 1/2 spellshield wild troop, and the other 2 mentioned come out late enough that they won't have a chance to swing more than once or twice.

    Countermagic can be a problem, but what do they counter? They will have to make quick decisions about what they value, and how it impacts the run of the game. Countering a Chronic Madness is decent, but then Ragefires can very quickly get out of hand. Do they counter Fulmination? That would be my idea for first card to get countered, as it really is the backbone of this deck in conjunction with Mastery of Time.

    Mastery of Time is hands down the best card in this deck. I can only believe you watched none of the videos, and have not played against me in game. If you have, you would realize how silly it sounds to take it out of the deck. I talked in depth about its crucial place in this decks functioning, and how Countermagic is fine, but not where this deck wants to be.
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    the ragefire getting out of hand would be a new for me... u will need it to control the board in the beginning and before killing ur opponent... it will take time.. a lot

    i dunno, even with the cerebral in game i hadrly was ever able to use it more than 4 times, and the first 3 i was forced to use them on creatures to control the board (not with this deck, with a deck of mine)...

    i must admit i didnt watch the videos, but im really skeptical bout the ragefire being anything else than a board controller... i will have to watch the videos hoping to be proved wrong

    i can see the mastery of time being usefull, with the cerebrals u get an extra turn and 2 extra cards to play against ur opponents (wich means possibly extra madnesses and ragefires.. but... dunno)

    against this deck i would actually only counter the chronic madness.. i feel the ragefires can be outrun pretty easily by any decent aggro deck (in my experiences) and the heatwaves arent really enough to deal with those decks.. u know what, i will actually give it a try to see how it really works and then ill come back... i like the idea, i really love these kind of decks but im not really sure it can work fast enough

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    You have to also remember, the decks that are running Countermagic are the exact decks that are going to give you plenty of time to kill them with Ragefires. After hitting once or twice with unblockable Eldritch Dreamers, it may only take 3 Ragefires to close the game. That may seem like a lot, but against a control deck you are probably not Ragefiring many troops to stay alive, and they are themselves slowing the game down by even running Countermagic to begin with.

    I'm glad you are going to try the deck yourself, it really is a lot of fun to play!

    A tip for playing the deck:

    You want to run out the Ragefires as needed to not die in the early game. Don't worry about that, it's all part of the plan anyway. Hold on to those Mastery of Time until the last possible moment. If you play one simply to take another turn with no Eldritch Dreamer or Cerebral Fulminations on board, you WILL see it be bad. It is 100% meant to be played to get ahead once you set up the board the way you want it. The first mistake I see people doing with Mastery of Time is drawing it, and then playing it just because they have nothing else to do and it looks so tempting in their hand. That is a terrible reason to run it out, and will result in you being disappointed over and over again.

    I will routinely hold 2 or 3 Master of Time in hand until I am ready to make my move. Once I start to take 2-3 extra turns in a row while drawing 3-4 cards in each of those turns, the game can turn a corner that the opponent will never make it back from. Remember all those Ragefires you ran out early to not die... well now they are hitting for 6 or 8 damage each, and you might be drawing 12 cards before your opponent can draw half that number, so there is a fantastic chance you will just happen to draw 2 Ragefires once you start running through Mastery of Times, and they will hit for 8 then 10 damage and the game is all of a sudden over.
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