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Thread: Any suggestions/inputs for my first deck build ?

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    Any suggestions/inputs for my first deck build ?

    I started playing card games with hex 1+ month ago. After I used some ready decks from outside sources I decided to give a try and create my first deck mostly to see if I got the main idea of deck creation. I build this one alone without any reference from other sources. I guess others more expert players may have built similar ones so I will be happy to hear some inputs of my thinking about building decks and some points on this one.

    My two win conditions are :
    (early-mid game) with Eldrich Dreamer + Champion + Oracle song to keep me full of cards for Lightning Armada.
    (mid-late game) with storm colossus + Gralk and mastery of time.

    Name : Flight Armada

    Champion: Wyatt

    3x Windbourne Acolyte
    3x Flock of Seagulls
    4x Thunderbird
    4x Eldrich Dreamer (draw card socket)
    2x Menacing Gralk
    2x Storm Colossus

    4x Oracle Song
    3x Mastery of Time
    3x Air Superiority
    3x Incarntation of Ascendance
    2x Peek
    4x Mesmerize

    23 Shards

    Thanks in Advance for any input/suggestion


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    I would rather have anchestor's chosen instead of acolyte. I would prefer have 2x mesmerize and 2x counter spell insterad of 4x mezz. NOt all danger comes from trops and u have already gralks
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    Pretty solid first iteration IMO, though there are a few slight tweaks you should make before you start play-testing. Adding in two more shards should be your first change. 23 shards is on the low end for most any deck, let alone one with quite a few cards that cost 4+. 25 or 26 should help ensure you stay on curve. I'd suggest dropping an Air Superiority and an Oracle Song for the shards; AS is great, but you probably don't need 3, and you have more than enough card draw to sacrifice one Oracle Song. After that, Elwinz's changes are spot-on. The Chosen's Specters are always awesome and can win the game themselves, plus they help activate your Incantation, as well as keep your hand full to pump the Incants. 4x Mes is a little unnecessary, especially since you already have Seagulls to help deal with troops. Any other changes will likely just be up to your personal preference / playstyle. I do suggest testing out some Time Ripples and Countermagics, they're quite fantastic cards and you are a bit light on removal.
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    Seems like a decent first deck.

    I usually go with buccaneers instead of seagulls, and countermagic instead of mesmerize, but that may be just personal preference.
    Buccaneers are especialy good in your deck in my opinion because with 4 acolytes/thunderbirds you are looking to be an agressive deck, and having another body + making your opponent waste another turn is important.
    Also, I prefer more gralks and less mastery of time, since most of the times gralk basically acts as a mastery of time that leaves a body behind, especially if you have Air Superiority to buff him

    For those who said he should remove one air superiority, I don't know if that's right for his deck, the acolytes don't do much without an air superiority out, I feel that 3-of may be necessary in his strategy.
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