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Thread: Since we are getting out Kickstarter stuff in Closed Beta, can we...

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    Since we are getting out Kickstarter stuff in Closed Beta, can we...

    Can we please get some information on how the kickstarter stuff is going to be given out and how we are to combine our accounts etc?

    Any information would be much appreciated ^_^


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    The last rumour(?) I heard was that we would instead be given codes to redeem for each of the bonuses. That way, you can allocate your bonuses to whatever account you want.

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    The last things heard from a credible source was that we would get a single code that represented each kickstarter tier, so you can't separate grand king into different accounts, but you can apply multiple tiers to the same hex account.
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    And there is any "speculated date" for closed beta?

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    Also a last possibility to change the keepname would be fine =\

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    We can't even get sealed tournaments that run. I think this info is many, many months from being needed.

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    Earliest reasonable guess is May 1, which is 1 month after they cut off Slacker Backer sales. That's just my guess, not anything official, and like Thrawn said we have a long way to go before the required features are in place and debugged.

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    Late May at the absolute earliest. Probably mid June/early July at the current rate.
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    I'm guessing for winter 2014 at the current rate. We still have AH, trading, double back, drafts, rest of cards, etc. That's a lot of stuff. The tourney system has now taken 3 months (albeit through the holidays) and its still pretty terrible. I'd love to be wrong though!

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    Giving a +1 to changing our Keepname... mistakes where made

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