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Thread: Kraken's Gold

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    Kraken's Gold

    So looks like cory was throwing around the idea of Kraken's gold for a long time:

    I want me some AA and easter eggs from that guys early contract work

    Any one else ?

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    I like the style, as long as its not gruesome flying parts of the male anatomy ;-)
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    It's a neat style--but I don't think it'd be good for this game--put the pirate picture next to the buccaneer portrait, it'd just look too out of place for my tastes. Too dissonant, I suppose would be the word

    That said, if the artist can do a style closer to that of Hex, I'd be all for it.
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    An "Unglued" type set with him as the artist would be kinda awesome.
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    The art has nothing to do with Hex, though.

    It's Epic Spell Wars, one of the coolest most awesome and quirky boardgames I have played. The art is so important for that game, that I hope they keep this artist and his style on board for all epic spell wars projects.
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