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Thread: Sapphire-Wild Ramp Deck

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    Sapphire-Wild Ramp Deck

    Here's something I threw together the other day that I figured might be cool. So far in testing it's been okay in the proving grounds. Any tips/suggestions for improvements?

    Champion: Wyatt

    10x Wild
    10x Sapphire
    4x Shards of Fate

    3x Howling Brave
    3x Puck
    3x Wrathwood Colossus
    3x Eternal Guardian
    3x Storm Colossus
    2x Argus

    3x Chlorophylia
    3x Eye of Creation
    3x Peek
    3x Oracle Song
    2x Mastery of Time

    3x Chimes of the Zodiac
    2x Hex Engine
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    I would say:
    1) Tilt the shards to wild (13-8 and -1 SoF, i think)
    2) Remove peek, add +1 Brave, +1Chloro (+1 free slot)
    3) Add a couple of squirrel titans (I would remove one of the storm colossus for that)

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