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    Card Art

    Wanted to preface this by saying that myself and a few friends picked up a few box sets, and have been having a blast with the game. We also plan on getting a booster box when available.

    In our playing, only one thing stood out to us as being lack luster: Some of the card art is literally just re-painted line art. And used for multiple cards, in multiple decks.

    Wall of Sand and Wall of Ears
    Dark Angel and Sand Angel
    All the Eyebats
    Evil Eye/ Heavenly Gazer
    all the mer-people

    While some of the art looks straight from the show- like Field Reaper, some of the lands, cooldog, etc. (which wouldnt make any sense to have as the actual art on the cards, as the card art wouldnt look like holograms- they look like holograms because thats how the game is shown in the show).

    Some of the art is pretty interesting:
    Psionic Architect (still fits in AT style while looking almost old school and abstract at the same time)
    Field of Nightmares

    I had read previously that the art was that used from the app game, which would explain the re-used art (easier to reuse the same 3d models and just retexture them, I get it), but for the actual game makes it This makes myself, and my group, pretty bummed as the game play is very fun.

    Basically, for the boosters, and new products, will the quality in art go up? it would be great to have art that isnt re-used illustrator art, or rips from the show. Its a great game, and would be awesome to be able to appreciate it all the more.

    Thank you!

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    That's a really good question!
    My kids and I would like to know the answer as well.

    We noticed the re-used art after a few games.
    My kids assumed the card designers were lazy
    I assumed that it wasn't in the budget to create unique artwork for every card.

    Whatever it may be..
    I really hope they put more time and money into the new cards.

    It would be awesome if Pendleton Ward was involved in the production.
    The other Adventure Time artists would be sweet too!
    Phil Rynda
    Andy Ristaino
    Ron Russel
    Natasha Allegri
    Rebecca Sugar
    Adam Muto
    Thomas Herpich
    Ian Jones-Quartey
    Jesse Moynihan
    Michael DeForge

    I doubt we would see any of these artists get involved any time soon...
    but if this game gets super popular would it be possible?
    Do you have to get some kind of licensing to use characters from the show?
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