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Thread: Consolidated list of bugs that should be squashed asap

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    Consolidated list of bugs that should be squashed asap

    I will keep a list here of high priority bugs only. Think of bugs concerning security, currency, tournaments, etc. (so no GUI bugs, card text bugs etc.)

    No OSX/Mac bugs either, since those have their own thread


    IF you redeem your code, be sure to relog before starting to ask any questions!

    - Shop issues:
    - Login issues: Update: Some people have not been able to login since beta started.
    - Some players unable to login. (maybe batch check if everyone is flagged for beta?) -

    - Support center defaults to your own language, and gives the impression you can put in your bug-report in your own language, where everyone should probably type english.
    - Some cards use opponents time! like soul marble, oakhenge ceremony and a whole lot more.
    - 2 of the same card in 1 pack -
    - Lifedrain + Crush exploitable -
    - Buy Platinum not working -
    - Random disconnect after 4~10 minutes on XP - &
    - Not being able to choose WHICH starterdecks you get from KS rewards -
    - HTML / Script in chat can be exploited! -
    - Patcher does not check if diskdrive is full while installing, causing an infinite loop, that could result in hardware failure eventually.
    - Scrolling or Clicking zones like graveyard (scrolling bugs always) -

    - Bunch of visual bugs (primal pack not showing until relog, opening card packs, redeeming codes, etc)
    - Discarding phase - if you click too fast you discard too many (so you have less than 7 cards) since the animation is quite slow.

    - The chat window to save the coordinates and size. Since its starting to become unreadable with more and more joining the game.
    - Server status, in client and on a page:
    - Tournaments - CZE said they will be back up ASAP. so patience.

    Fixed - Fixed - Fixed: underlined still applies

    - 30 booster-packs KS reward is giving GRAND KING as reward.
    - Drafts not starting, waited some time, then after people leaving i left too (from the queue screen). but then after re-logging the 3 packs were gone and i got no cards. It also took the 100 platinum.
    - Promo codes for sleeves not working - CZE confirmed that this is not implemented yet
    - People are not getting the all the rewards or some not the correct ones please report if you still get this
    - Store charges more money (at least for Euro's) then it says in the selection screen. I picked €4,99, it said €4,99 everywhere, but i got charged €5,40. Since 1 Euro = 1.3816 U.S. dollars, thats $7,46 for 700 plat. Same goes for the €24,99 package which actually costs €26,78.
    - Packs not opening: this was due to server load
    - Starting hand not right: this was due to server load
    - Shop not secure - (your CC info is inside an SSL iframe.)
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    Is there a VAT? Because if so, that's a 7% increase. I'll check the USD charge when I'm in.

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    We don't need a user-maintained sticky of bugs. The mods or devs can keep a known issues thread.
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    Neither the mods nor devs have been diligent in doing so before, I wouldn't count on it now. Besides, why scorn free labor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ursa23 View Post
    Is there a VAT? Because if so, that's a 7% increase. I'll check the USD charge when I'm in.
    it says VAT included everywhere.
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    Logging in and out of the client seems to regrant any Kickstarter Code rewards.

    E: Only non-card items it seems. Promo cards don't multiply, but packs and tickets do.

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    I am missing sleeves. Other than that, I seem to have everything accounted for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dwebber88 View Post
    - 30 boosterpacks KS reward is giving GRAND KING as reward.
    WOW this is huge if confirmed, good luck to them unpicking that one.
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    updated the list with all known critical bugs
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    The 30 pack code -> Grand King bug is fixed.

    Thanks for maintaining this list. <3

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