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Thread: Mac client is pretty much unusable

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    Mac client is pretty much unusable

    So I finished downloading/installing the Mac beta client, and it's practically unusable. Image quality is...disappointing is a nice way of putting it. So I figured I'd just up my resolution. Except clicking the cog in the upper right takes DOZENS of clicks and fine adjustments of the mouse to find the sweet-spot. When I finally do get the options menu up, I can select different screen resolutions (it was defaulted to the lowest, non wide-screen setting), and when I do so the screen resets, but the resolution stays the same, nor does it go to widescreen when I select that option. So it's stuck on a crappy resolution that grainy to the point of unsuitability, and makes the game screens/card manager screens so clunky that I can't effectively use those either.

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    Both of these are known issues. The resolution issue is expressly noted in the OSX client "known bug list" and on release documentation.
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