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Thread: Dollar = Euro when buying Platinum?

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    Dollar = Euro when buying Platinum?


    I read all those promises that even ppl from other countrys will only have to pay the dollar price. Why then does 7000 Platinum cost EXACTLY 49,99 EUROS, not dollars? What am I missing?

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    well, there is the fact that for $49.99 you would only get 5k platinum. You have the same price points as we do in America but you get more platinum to make up the difference.

    In other words, lets say the Euro = $1.20. This means that if I can buy 1000 platinum in America for $10, that means you will have the option to buy 1200 platinum for 10 Euro.

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    because for 50 dollars you only get 5,000 I believe

    dang ninjad by sukebe well played sir

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    Aaaah, thnx, ok!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FoundInTheFlood View Post
    Aaaah, thnx, ok!
    You are welcome :-) To be honest I am still pleasantly surprised that they are doing the conversion properly as so many other games use the lazy/greedy method of making the euro = the $.

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    At the moment platinum prizes are rounded in favor of euro payments.
    1 ~ 1,38 $

    If we assume that 1 platinum equals 1 US-cent, 1 should buy you 138 plat, but this has been rounded up to 140.
    This bonus of 2 platinum is not a big deal, unless you buy a lot.

    100 roughly equals 138 $ which buys 13800 platinum
    but 100 buys 14000 platinum

    So for every 100 you spend, you would get an additional 200 platinum (=1 booster).

    PS: I'm not criticizing CZE here, just a little numbers game.
    As other have pointed out, CZE did a great job making the shop prizes fair.
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    thats the first time ever, europeans will get more than the US

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    i am not really sure why there are different currenyies anyway.
    i expected everything to be priced in US-$ and every purchase uses the
    current currency exchange rate to subtract the value from your bank account.
    Like it works with PayPal, i load 200€ up i buy stuff for 200$ and keep xx€ on the account.
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