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Thread: Hex Day Giveaway!

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    Smile Hex Day Giveaway!

    Happy (early) Hex Day!

    Starting this one a little early since I'll be stuck on a plane for 13 hours starting just before Hex Day begins in PDT...

    Rules: One post per person. Entries close Midnight PDT on May 15th. I will choose a winner shortly thereafter.

    Just answer this question...

    • Why do you want to visit the HEX team in California?

    The prize? You get to visit the HEX folks in CA!!! I'll procure the winner a plane ticket to/from their home and LAX/SNA/SAN (at a time we can mutually agree on, i.e. when I can get award tickets ). I'll also take care of 2-3 nights hotel (pretty flexible on this) of my choice within a few miles of CZE (or elsewhere in SoCal if you prefer). Hell, I might even bring your significant other along too if you're convincing enough. Bonus - you don't even have to spend any time with me! Although, I turn up at Game Night at an alarming frequency.

    Importantly, I'm open to anyone winning this. I might choose someone who is a staunch defender of CZE on these boards. However, I'm just as likely to choose the biggest detractor just to see how their opinion changes after a visit. Have fun!!!

    TL;DR Post intelligently, win big prize!

    Quote Originally Posted by hex_colin View Post
    Winners Announced!!!

    So, this was an incredibly hard decision. And, as usual, I couldn't decide on just 1 winner... So, 2 lucky folks are headed to SoCal...

    Congratulations to the winners!!!

    The first is Infam0usne0. Notwithstanding the posts from other people saying that he should win, he also got a lot of private votes too. He's a true asset to our community and he'll represent you all well at CZE headquarters.

    The second is Blair (Dynimix).

    I'll be in touch with you both sometime this week to start working out logistics.

    Finally, thank you to everyone who shared their reasons!
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    Since I'm one of the few who's already had a chance to visit, I won't take you up on this. Best wishes to all contestants!

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    Can we nominate someone else instead of ourselves?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mach View Post
    Can we nominate someone else instead of ourselves?
    Yup, I'm open to that.

    Also - in general, happy to answer clarifying questions, and I'll add them all to the OP. But, as I alluded to in the OP, I'll be out of touch until about 2pm PDT tomorrow (so, you'll get answers... soon...).
    Hex: Shards of Fate KS || Producer

    "The Magi of the Carloth highlands are renowned for their enthusiasm and generosity."
    "Speed is far more important than size when determining the power of a strike."
    "One needs no armor if both your mind and your fist are faster than your enemy's."

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    Holy crap, man. That's an amazing offer. You rock, Colin.

    I'm also not going to put my name in for this, even though I would absolutely love a free vacation and chance to spend some quality time at CZE, because I have family living pretty close to there already. I'm relatively sure I could wheedle a couple of plane tickets out of my mom any time I could afford the vacation days, if I promised to spend some time with her while I was there too.

    Seriously though, good luck to everyone else. I'll be really interested to see who wins this and what their experience is like.

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    - Shakespeare, All's Well That Ends Well

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    I just wanted to say that your generosity continues to astound me, Colin. As I am living in Cambodia presently, I will not even attempt to take advantage of this magnificent prize. Also, not spending time with Colin? That's a deal breaker. I would want to go to play Epic Spell Wars with the team, and in my mind you're the extra man on the pitch. For me it would be with Colin, or nothing!

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    I would really like to go to show them some ideas I've had for different types of tournaments that could be tested during Game Night and hopefully get the chance for them to reconsider me as a game designer apprentice in the future whenever there is an opening. I took to heart the feedback they gave me before on the game designing part of the test on some of the ideas I had for cards and feel that after more studying and balancing I'd be an excellent contribution to the team.

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    Okay, so games have been a huge part of my life. I was a TO for Magic, owned a FLGS and even started a mini con (RonCon) in my hometown for a few years while the store was open. I would just ask them every sort of question I could about games. Favorite Constructed Deck from any CCG, what Board Games are in their hypothetical emergency cabin in the event of an avalanche, first class the rolled in an RPG, favorite MMO Raid, memorable play through of Arkham Horror, tying them up and forcing them to play Arkham Horror is the response to the previous question is a confused stare, what developing a game is like. I'd just want to ask them a shit ton of questions and get to know them, and also give them an animetacklehug.

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    Because I just read this thread and simply thought: WHAT THE unicornpoop?!!

    This would be the fulfillment of my dream! I'm altering and designing TCG cards for myself and made a hughe software mod for BF1942 with my team (Forgotten Hope) in the past. Even EA was impressed by it and invited us to their offices in London. I really would like to see how it looks like how people arrange their daily life with my two greatest hobbies and get in touch with the guys who are behind this game. And I would have the chance to congratulate the guy who invented replicators gambit personally. What a great card

    Anyways, happy Hexday!

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