Your Display Name: Knightmare
Bug Description: Graphical bug - opponent's cards not showing altered costs.
Steps to Reproduce: Not attempted
Frequency: Unknown
Additional Information:

During a tournament match, my opponent played their last card in their hand - Gearsmith. With it my opponent put a Heavy Welding Bot into their hand and then played it. The cost should have been 5, but the card itself showed cost 6, and 6 resources were shown as being used from my opponent's available 7, leaving one.

Later in the turn my opponent activated their Sapper's Charge (activation cost 2) despite them only showing as having 1 unspent resource on my screen. When I asked my opponent about it, they said they had 2 unspent resources (which should have been the case) but my side of the client showed only 1.

When the Heavy Welding Bot was placed into my opponent's graveyard, it then correctly showed as having cost 5, but it did not do so while in play.